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Start with a full tune-up, including an oxygen sensor and air filter. My '93 323 also gets bad gas milege. I averaged only 25 mpg on a trip to California. Maybe it's part of being an old car now, but I will also check the fuel filter. I meant fuel tune up and oxigen sensor and all that stuff.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-10 07:03:18
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Q: Your car is high fuel consume what is wrong?
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Car which consume less fuel?

Fuel consumption in a car is based on factors like the shape and weight of the car. Toyota and Honda are both car brands which consume less fuel.

Will your car consume more fuel if you push the car in neutral after gaining some inertia at high speeds especially when cruising?

No you will actually save gas. It works pretty good actually.

How much fuel does an f1 car consume?

1.5 to 2.0 km/lt

Why does Mercedes car consume much fuel?

Many are heavy cars with powerful engines. It takes fuel to move them.

What is a jet fueled car?

Jet fuel is high grade diesel so a jet fuel car would use high grade diesel fuel.

Why car not crank after replacing a fuel pump?

installed wrong or bad fuel pump

Your car wont start but has fuel and battery power What is wrong with it?

DON'T YOU MEAN YOUR CAR? Is there spark at the plugs does the starter work? is there fuel pressure to the fuel injectors?

Does heavier cars burn more gas?

Yes, directly proporiate to weight. A 2500lb car will consume half the fuel of a 5,000lb car

What does 3.5 liter engine consume in fuel terms per kilometer?

it depends on how it is made and what size car it is in.

What could be wrong with 1991 es250 Lexus no receiving fuel at the head of the car but has fuel in gas tank?

fuel pump or fliter

Car takes a few second to ignite?

What i think that the fuel pump in your car could not be working properly. In other words, its not sending enough fuel to the cylinders to start the car. If that is what is wrong.

What might be wrong if your car is hesitating while accelerating?

dirty fuel line

What is a nitro RC car?

a RC car that runs on a special high octain fuel.

Why does a car blow much black smoke an consume fuel?

It seems like you're running too rich of a mixture - too much fuel, and not enough air.

What happens if you put the wrong fuel in a car engine?

depends on the wrong fuel you put in it. There are a lot of different fuels. In general, if you put the wrong fuel in the engine, if its a higher octane it will over rev and blow up. If its a lower octane, it will puddle and flood the system.

When car ac on fuel consumption is high?

Yes but not by much.

When you start your car in the morning it wont stay running you have to hold the gas down What is wrong?

If your car has the check engine on it could be your fuel pressure regulator located on your fuel rail..

What is wrong with a car if it turns over but wont start?

It is either getting no fuel or no spark.

Where is the fuel pump relay 1979 Eldorado?

Wrong , 1979 cadillac eldorado has 2 Electric Fuel Pumps and is Fuel injected, One low pressure pump in the Gas Tank and one High pressure Fuel Pump on the Frame rail in front the Driverside Rear Wheel.

Car jerks when driving?

There would be a number of reasons why a car might jerk while you are driving. Your fuel filter could be clogged, something might be wrong with your carburetor, or your fuel pump.

Car hesitates to accelerate and shakes a lot?

Your car is not getting enough fuel if it hesitates to take off and shakes. The fuel filter might be plugged or you might have the wrong gas in your tank.

Can wrong spark plugs for a car cause it to run rich?

No,car will not run rich.Infact it gives misfires since escaping fuel will be the ultimate result if we use wrong spark plugs.

What are the sings of a fuel injector gone bad?

usually fuel injectors leak gas on the engine block and car missfire in acceleration, also consume more gas than normal

Why would a car stall after accelerating?

Fuel starvation. Blocked air/fuel filters. Fuel pump delivery rate wrong or carburetor needle valve stuck.

What wrong when you push gas and car shut off?

It could be as simple as a plugged up fuel filter. Try replacing the fuel filter.