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it sounds like your timing may be off

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โˆ™ 2005-09-14 16:03:48
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Q: Your car shakes sometimes when you start it when it shakes it cant accelerate as it normally does after you increase your speed it goes back to working normal what is the problem?
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Suzuki samurai wont accelerate but will idle?

check you carbs accelerator pump then check the fuel pump that's normally the problem

Car shakes when you accelerate hard what could be the problem?

If it only happens when you accelerate the most likely cause is an axle.

Why would your 1991 Mercury Sable jerk sometimes when you start to accelerate?

I have driven Sables for years and have found if you are moving at a slow speed, maybe decelerating, and begin to accelerate, sometimes the transmission downshifts with a very noticeable jerk and a thud sound. I put 200k miles on a '96 Sable with this happening and never had a problem requiring attention.

Your 2000 Kia Sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

Your 2000 kia sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

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1989 ford aerostar idles good but will not accelerate?

sounds like typical transmission problem

What is the problem when a car jerks and won't accelerate up hill?

You should probably see about checking out your transmission!

Can problem with ABS cause vehicle not to accelerate?

Sure if your calipers aren't open enough and your brakes stick

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My 1999 Acura tl starts ok but has no power when you accelarate Changed fuel pump worked for 3dys then problem is back?

If your 1999 Acura TL starts well but develops a problem when you accelerate, the problem could be with its transmission.

Why does 1991 Cadillac DeVille accelerate sluggishly then at 30 mph run great?

Check the EGR value I have had that problem and that's what it was

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