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Most likely it's an EGR valve problem. try unhooking egr then drive it, if the problem goes away, you just need to replace the egr valve.

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Q: Your car sometimes starts to tug when driving down the highway is this tune up related or catalytic converter related?
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How do you reset a catalytic converter light on?

If the underlying cause of the light is taken care of the OBD check engine light will go off after 6 warm up/driving cyclec or one within 50 miles of highway driving at a steady speed. If its still on you still have the problem/malfunction.

Will your diesel smoke if you remove the catalytic converter?

Yes and no. It will smoke more at start up and if you really hammer on it. But just cruising down the highway no.

What causes a catalytic converter to be clogged?

Many reasons.... One, some catalytic conv have porcelain inside that brakes in pieces and makes malfunction such is block it. Two, some others have fiber glass which "melts" and once again...blocked. and another reason i can give you is the driving habits you may have sometimes driving slow is not the best for your car, take it out to ride on highway once in a while, gets rid of the "soot" inside, specially if you don't use premium gas. hope i helped....ABGDA

What temp should a cadalic converter be?

A healthy catalytic converter will be hotter out the back outlet than the front inlet after a good highway run. Average temp should be aprox 450 degrees at the front inlet to 700 degrees out the rear.

If you remove the catalytic converter on 1995 Ford Probe GT will you loose or gain horsepower and gas mileage?

Most likely you will gain horse power, not loose it. There for gas mileage going up. ACE You will also violate most if not all State and Federal emissions laws. The catalytic converter is not an option on cars, it's put there by the gov't. The only way you can remove it legally is if you are not operating it on a US highway.

How tire sensor resets on 07 dodge sprinter?

They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.

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Why does 95 Jeep Wrangler drop RPM and wont accelerate and sputters while driving on the highway?

AnswerFuel Pump?Fuel Filter?Catalytic converter?Air filter?While all of the above will affect the engine speed performance, the sputtering or popping you are experiencing is caused by the oxygen sensor. It can cause this problem without causing a check engine light to come on.

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Why will your car only go 10 miles an hour when you are going up hill or trying to get on the highway?

Could be several possibilities. One of which could be a restricted exhaust due to a damaged catalytic converter. The year, make, model and engine info would help.

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Have an intermittent misfire on a 1994 Lincoln Town Car more often at cruising speed on the highway in overdrive and have put new plugs and wires on it Any suggestions?

damaged catalytic converter can cause misfires. Indeed it could, but I would also check and/or replace the coil packs as needed.

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