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No. They are doing their job and it takes time to process things. You need to talk to your bank and find out if you are suppose to pay for the repo release. Show the repo guys your paperwork saying the car is released. You may still have to pay a fee to them, that is how things work. If you are irresponsible with car payments, then you pay. You can always try, but it's better to work things out amicably. Remember, he has your car and you might want to get it back without excessive damage. Maybe there are some fees associated with the repossession and he is waiting to be paid. You need to be careful how you approach this one. Keep in mind that YOUR actions initiated the series of events and it would be good for you to approach it with the appropriate attitude so that you don

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Q: Your car was repossed for defaults to late fees you paid bank released the car but repo man has it for two days now can you sue this jerk?
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