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I had a Ford Probe w/ the same problem. never was able to find the problem. Eventually i lost interest in the car and sold it. however if this is not an option i would invest in a volt meter and start probing the car for potential answers. If you are savy enough first, purchase an aftermarket manual for your vehicle, then analyze your codes. I've found that going to a local garage is somewhat useful. It's usally best to find one that you've been to a couple of times usally because they're familar w/ your vehicle. If this is not an option and they keep taking money and not giving answers, i would then go to a dealer. once again, these people know your car better than anyone else. Ok, now to me it sounds like some kind of phantom electrical gremlin. if the codes you're getting from your vehicle are somewhat cryptic and not giving any straight forward answers i would look at the systems that are related to your problem area. I've found that because one sensor throws a code something else could potentially be the problem. try to narrow it down to the best of your ability. Usually a check engine light means something in the emmisions. A common culprit is the O2 sensor. They're easy to replace and common inexpensive usually under 100 bucks if you do it yourself. hope this helps

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