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Your clock and interior lights on your 96 previa dont work fuses ok any ideas?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-14 17:12:29

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Check the fuseable link.

2006-08-14 17:12:29
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Why are your dash board lights and interior lights not working on your 93 Ford Taurus?

check your fuses

Why would Front lights work but not the interior lights or radio?

Check your fuses - they are operated separately

Have no interior lights at all in 81 buick regal what might be the problem?

checked fuses, or checked for voltage to interior light socket?

How do you get the interior lights and the lights in the dashboard of a 1994 Geo Tracker to work all of the fuses have been changed?

change the headlight switch !

What is the exact location of the fuse for the radio on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Radio & Interior Lights fuses.

Why don't the interior lights come on in your 1996 Sebring?

check the fuses and/or door switch(s)

Interior lights will not come on when opening drivers door on a 2001 grand Cherokee?

Check your fuses.

1997 buick park ave has no interior lights all fuses are good?

Did you check the bulbs?

How come your 1997 grand prix GTP interior lights wont work even though you charged the car overnight?

If only the interior lights won't work, check the fuses.

You have no interior lights on your 1998 vw polo?

Check the blade fuses for the interior lights. You can find them under the steering wheel if you open the glove box thing under the steering wheel. You need to remove the box, which will have the diagram of al the fuses on it. Packet of assorted fuses £2. If that doesn't work check the bulbs.

If the interior and parking lights on my 99 Nissan pathfinder are not working which fuse do you check?

If the interior and parking lights are not working on a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder, the first fuses to check would be the interior light fuse. Also check to make sure the light switch is in the right position to allow the interior lights to come on.

2001 Camry cigarette lighter and clock not working fuses are good?

Did you check the fuses in the engine compartment, there is one more fuse for the lights inside of the car.

Why would interior lights and rear lights go out on a 1995 Honda accord?

The interior lights and rear lights might go out on a 1995 Honda Accord because the light fuse has blown. Check the fuses under the hood or under the steering wheel to confirm.

Why doesn't your radio power windows power seats interior lights work on your 2003 Chevy trailblazer?

check the fuses..

What could be the problem in 1990 Honda Accord if lights in interior dome and dash and park lights will not come on and all fuses are good?

bad combination light switch

Why does my Camry have no interior lights checked all fuses now what?

Check the fuse box in the engine compartment, also you need to check the lights itself. You might have to replace it.

Where is the fuse for the rear tail lights on a 2001 Chevy impala?

Owners manual has location of all fuses. Interior fuses are usually on the drivers side of the dash between the dash and door.

Where is the courtesy light solenoid on a Ford Galaxy 2002?

The courtesy lights solenoid (relay) of a ford galaxy 2002 is found on level 1 of the junction box underneath the drivers dashboard together with most of the fuses. If the courtesy lights are'nt working first check the fuses. There are 3 fuses controlling the interior lights, numbers 27, 53 and 55.

Why have car lights stopped working?

Headlights,interior lights stop working.checked all fuses. I would suspect the headlight switch and/or the electrical connection at the headlight switch is faulty.

Why after jump starting a 2003 F250 5.4 will the power windows interior lights radio and power windows not work?

check the fuses

Do any fuses under the hood control the radio in your 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante?

yes usaly in the same cicuit as the interior lights

Where are the main fuses located in a 1993 Toyota Previa?

In a 91 Previa, most of the fuses are under the top panel, at center of dash. There is a small release botton, under the lip of the dash panel, above the radio. There are some main fuses under the hood, by the battery.

Why is the lights on your car stereo not working?

I was putting in a new stereo in my car and i was pushing with a screwdriver to pushing the wires throw i cause the lights interior not working and the clock keeps going back one oclock when turned off and car door bleeper and stereo not work at all You probably blew a fuse, check the fuses.

Park lights but no headlights Pontiac?

Check fuses if there is one specific for the lights (not interior) Find it funny that both would burn out at the same time so would imagine it is in the switch.

Why would the fuses for the air suspension and interior dome lights keep blowing in a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?

your air bags have a lick