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The gasket to your clutch master cylinder is probably broken or cracked. or your master cylinder is bad.

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Q: Your clutch is leaking on the inside of your car?
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Why is Clutch oil leaking inside car through the clutch?

The clutch master cylindar is most likely leaking. It's literally a hydraulic piston attached to the clutch pedal. It is also possible that brake fluid is leaking from the brake master cylendar and running down the line to the clutch pedal, ending up inside.

What does it mean when antifreeze is leaking in a Chrysler Concorde?

If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.

Why is my 1995 Saturn leaking coolant inside of my car which causes it to over heat why is that?

It could be that you have a leaking heater core, which resides inside your car. Another give-away for a leaking core would be a sweet smell inside the car and/or a sticky residue on the inside of your windshield.

Why would antifreeze leak inside your car?

The heater core or hoses to it are leaking inside your car

Why is your car defrosting on the inside and coolant leaking on the passenger side?

Your heater core is leaking.

What would cause loss of clutch fluid with no signs of leakage on a 1999 Chevy cavalier?

It is either leaking down the inside of your firewall under the dash (master cylinder) or leaking just enough inside the trasnmission bell housing to not puddle and be thrown around by the clutch spinning (slave cylinder).

What would make a 1998 Mitsubishi spyder gt use clutch fluid but it is not leaking out?

You can't have it both ways. If it's using fluid, then it is leaking out. If you are not seeing any on the ground or at the slave cylinder have you considered that it may be leaking from the back of the master cylinder and running inside of the car. You may not have noticed because it is going between the firewall and the carpet.

Why is my car battery leaking acid?

There is acid on the inside and it has burnt through the metal that is keeping it inside. The reason the acid might be leaking out is because the battery has a leak.

Where is the clutch safety switch on a 1996 Camaro Z28?

look above the clutch pedal on the inside of the car.

Why is water leaking from ac inside of 2004 Chevrolet trailblazer?

had new blower motor installed in my 2006 gmc now waater is leaking inside car when ac is on

What does cause flooding inside a car floor?

the heater core is leaking

1997 Hyundai Excel has no gears and is leaking clutch fluid to the ground?

Not 100% sure on an excel, but where is it leaking? If your car has no clutch fluid then you will not be able to change gears, I would check the seals on the master/slave cylinder, as that is one of the more common places clutches leak.

My 1989 Chevy Celebrity is leaking anitfreeze inside the car-is it the heater core?

YES. Good possibility if it is leaking at the passenger side

What is a clutch cable?

A clutch cable is a cable that is connected from a foot petal inside a car to the transmission. It is necessary for a person to change gears in a standred transmission car or truck.

Is there a clutch fluid reservoir in a Rover 75 petrol car?

Yes, it is situated above the clutch pedal inside the car. You will have to remove the panel above the pedals to access it.

Why would the inside of your car smell like coolant?

Leaking heater core

Inside of jeep car smells from freon what could be leaking?

A smell inside is usually a bad evaporator coil.

Why smells like antifreeze inside the car?

It is possible that the heater core ( the device that heats the air inside the car) is leaking. It is connected to the engine cooling system.

Can an oil leak result in toxic fumes inside the car?

Yes, the oil may be leaking on a hot surface and burning. You could smell this inside the car.

How did you know if the clutch disc has a problem?

If the car judders as it pulls away but the problem goes away after a while the discs are contaminated with water.If the car judders as it pulls away always, its contaminated with oil, suspect a leaking engine seal/gland.if the car overrevs as it pulls away and there is a burning smell, the clutch is burnt out.If the car is in gear but doesnt pull away. The clutch is burnt out.If the car is a manual shift and it creeps if thebrake is off and the car is in gear and the clutch is engaged. Check the clutch adjustment.

Why does your 300 touring fog up inside the car?

You may have a leaking heater core.

How can you tell if your clutch master cylinder is bad?

In most cases they leak hydraulic oil out the back of the cylinder. Crawel up and under the drivers side clutch pedal area and look for fluid leaking inside where the clutch actuator rod enters the back of the clutch master cylinder. It should be dry.

Why does your clutch click as though it is catching on something inside the car?

Hey Johnny==Sometines the clutch safety switch makes noise. GoodluckJoe

Where is the clutch converter on a Buick lesabre?

The torque converter is located between the engine and transmission. The clutch packs are inside the transmission. This car has no mechanical clutch as it is an automatic. There is also a clutch mounted on the front of the A/C compressor.

Why will your 1985 Pontiac trans am 305 not start with the clutch pressed - started fine earlier - acts as if the clutch is not pressed - same symptoms with and without the clutch pressed?

there is a safety switch on the clutch, it should be on the inside of the car that the pedal has to activate so the car will start, apparently that switch is bad.