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The final Will with the latest date on it is the one that counts and it doesn't matter how many Wills your father had before that. I went through something similar with my mother. I was her caregiver and she was diagnosed with Dementia. It was so sad as she blamed me (caregivers get this a lot) and was quite paranoid. She took me out of her Will giving everything to my brother. I didn't fault my mother for this, but made sure my brother and his wife knew I would contest the Will. It's a terrible situation to be in because you feel so bad fighting over what's left of that person's life, but my husband and I gave up much to help my mom out, while my brother got to raise his family. Thank heavens my brother is an honest and fair guy and we split everything down the middle. They did get a little more money because they had two boys and I don't have childen. That was OK by me and I wasn't greedy. They also got most of my mom's furnishings because I didn't care for the style and they really needed more up-to-date furniture. The whole procedure went as slick as grease. You can contest the Will. You will have to go to a lawyer for this one. Most Heirs to a Will don't want anyone to contest the Will because it can hold the Estate in limbo for 3 years or more. I think they'd be ready for settlement. Please don't dislike your father for leaving you out. As parents get older they get strange ideas and sometimes one or more in the family gets the brunt of their anger. No one likes to grow old. Good luck Marcy If you were in any way dependent on your father, lived with him etc, then you may have grounds for contesting the will. Depends how much there is if it is worth the cost, solicitors are very expensive, upwards of

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Q: Your dad died he had a will which states you his daughter is to get nothing the original will has not been found what rights do you have can you make a claim UK?
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