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It could also be the dash light switch. Did you check the fuse panel under the hood?

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โˆ™ 2008-05-10 23:20:58
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Q: Your dash lights quit working you have checked the fuses all seem to be fine is there a relay or something else im missing?
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Can I be convicted if I only have one tail light working but both brake lights working?

I live in the state of TN and have gotten a ticket with the box for "Missing Required Lights" checked. The officer said that one of the tail lights were out, but both of the tail lights work. Can I be convicted for this?

Why are my reverse lights not working on my 1999 corsa?

have you checked the bulbs and fuses

1996 Chrysler sebring have checked all fuses and relays and still no brake lights is there an in-line fuse you are missing?

Assuming you have checked the bulbs, check the brake light switch.

What is wrong when no brake lights and all other lights work 2004 dodge stratus?

I tried all the fuses, the parts that under the brakes I checked that. All lights come on and working except the brake lights no break lights.

Head Lights and Lights Flickering?

Have your alternator checked out.

What else could I try for non working back up lights on '97 Yukon besides new bulbs and fuses?

have you checked the reverse lights switch?

Taillights not working on 1993 dodge Dakota but brake lights and turn signals do work what's the problem?

The bulbs should be checked on a 1993 Dodge Dakota if the taillights are not working. The plugs on the trailer package should also be checked to make sure that they are working.

Why are the brake lights on a 96 ElDorado not working if the fuses and bulbs are good but the hazard lights are bad?

It needs checked out but both the hazard and brake lights go through the turn signal switch.

Where can one buy an aircraft landing lights?

Aircraft landing lights are key to takeoff and landing, and should always be working and checked prior to takeoff. Replacement lights can be purchased from Amglo and XEVision.

To lower the risk of someone running into the rear of your vehicle?

Be sure to keep the rear tail lights, brake lights and signal lights in good working order. To many times you see vehicles with lights missing.

Your brake lights will not work on a 1994 ford escort you have already replaced bulbs and fuses?

Working brake lights are important for safety reasons while driving. It is important to check all of the wiring, if the brake lights are not working and the fuses and bulbs have been checked.

How you fix light on e350 1986?

What do you mean fix lights? which lights? Are the lights not working or does it have a broken lens. If the light doesn't work, have you checked the bulb? Is it burnt out? Is the socket in good working condition? Did you use you test light to see if it has power? Is the fuse good?

2000 escort How to fix running lights not working bulbs and fuse are good?

have u checked ur relays?

Your 2002 trailblazer is missing and the lights look dim on the inside What could be making it miss?

have your battery and alternator checked but first check to see if switch for your dash lights are just turned to dim

Blinkers and hazard lights do not work on your 1996 Honda civic?

If you already checked your bulbs then check your fuses, usually this is the case when all the lights stop working at the same time.

Signal lights not working?

signal lights not working.

How do I the tail lights on my 91 Chevrolet Silverado is not working and i can't find the problem checked fuses and the wires also?

Try the light bulb.

Your night time running lights quit working you replaced every fuse but still nothing Why?

If the night running lights have failed the bulbs should be checked. Find the bulb housings and remove the parts. After the bulbs are replaced check the lights.

Why would the Instrument panel lights and all gages Quit working?

Checked owners manual for any obvious fuses. Any recommendations why instrument panel and gauges would guit working?

Why are the dash lights not working on a 1998 Dodge 1500 you have checked all of the fuses in the truck as well as under the hood They all are fine?

Most dash lights have a setting knob to turn the dash lights on and off and to dim them, maybe this switch is off.

Why will the signal lights on my 1994 Honda passport quit working?

Have you checked your fuses?......if its not a fuse it could be a ground or burned wire. maybe even the brain......

Why don't your parking lights work on your 1996?

Your parking lights may not be working due to a blown bulb or fuse. If you have checked both you may need to see a mechanic to make sure there is not any electrical problems.

Why gauges and speedometer lights won't lit?

have you checked the fuse? is the dimmer switch turned down? have they just quit working? Headlights/taillights work? Interior light? Need more info!! What have you checked so far?

Why would the dome lights and hatch release stop working on a 1995 caravan I have checked the fuses Im not new to cars but this one has me stumped?

Blown fuse

What lights on a semi can not be checked at the same time?

Brake lights and tail lights. (Unless you have a spotter telling you of course)

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