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your door is not closed tight enough or the switch is possably broke. check the manual switch by the headlight swich, it maybe turned on. some reason your not opening the circut when the door is closing.

check the position of the dome light control switch you probably turned it on inadvertently just put it back to auto position

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Q: Your dome light stays on even after shutting the doors and turning on the ignicion switch?
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Your dome light stays on even after shutting the doors and turning on the ignicion switch on your 97 Dodge Dakota 5.2?

Take a look at the door jam switch. It is just like any other switch, it turns the circut off and on. If it has gone bad it might not be turning the circuit off.

Which fuses are for the 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Dome Light?

Fuse number 4 disconnects the doors switch from turning on the interior lights

Why is the dome light in a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier turning on while driving when all the doors are shut tightly and the switch is in the off position?

you have a bad door sensor

How do you turn off the lights in the lower part of the doors on the 2 door LeBaron?

You don't. Apparently the spring load push button switch is not being pushed in far enough to disconnect because the door is not shutting all the way. Try putting a piece of furnance tape over the switch as you push it in by hand.

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Where is the valet switch on a 1992 cressida?

On the floor at the left of driver seat, next to the gaz doors switch.

Why do the dome lights stay on when the doors are closed?

Either the manual light switch is on or the door switch is damaged.

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Why do the door lights stay on while you are driving a Pontiac Grand Prix?

It is possible that the switch in one of the doors is stuck in the open possition. It is possible that the switch in one of the doors is stuck in the open possition.

On 1989 Grand Marquis why will doors only unlock with switch but not lock?

If I understand your question correctly, your vehicle may have a separate relay for each function. The relay for locking the doors by using the switch has gone bad.

What stops car doors shutting in heavy wind?

the check strap...when you open the door you will feel two clicks/ clunks look by the hinge

Why does dashlite for doors stays on Toyota Previa?

Answer: busted door switch/switches.

How do you unlock doors while inside of car?

flip the lock switch to unlock....

Where is the trunk release for the 2005 grand prix?

The lock and unlock switch for the doors unlocks the trunk too.Push the switch to the left and hold it.

How do you open Volvo door?

by turning the key to the right..the door will unlock...turning the key to the left will lock all the doors and set the ant-thieft alarm

How do you get the door locks on passenger side and back doors to unlock on 2003 Ford Crewcab?

if some doors are not unlocking, i would test the door lock master switch you migh also check that the master switch is not locked fords have a lock/unlock swith on the switch panel to stop all other doors working easy way to test master control switch is to remove switch from door,and disconect the wire plug in. use a jumber wire to cross the terminals to each door from power supply if the switch is bad,each door will unlock when crossed. so if doors will unlock this way, replace switch other than that the only other problem i have found is the actuators inside the doords. these are a pain to replace and are not cheap as each door has one. try the switch first

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How do you unlock the doors on a 2008 lexus sc430 when battery is dead?

By inserting the key in the door lock and turning.

How do you reset the keyless entry on a 1998 ford mustang?

Turn the ignition switch off and on off and on until the doors lock.Press the lock button on your entry switch then press the unlock button.If the doors unlock, it is programed.If not do the process over It will finally work

How do you open trunk on 1989 Corvette?

There should be an orange switch on both doors. They are located about 3/4 of the way up the door on the interior end of the open doors.

Dodge 1996 dodge stratus dings and doors lock when driving?

That usually means that one of the doors is not shut all the way or there is a misadjusted door ajar switch.

Where do you set the switch for the 1991 Plymouth voyager's interior lights so the dimmer works to shut them out?

On many cars, there is a dimmer switch which controls the instrument panel lights. If this switch is turned all the way, it may cause the overhead light to come on. The overhead light will then stay on even after doors have all been closed. Find the dimmer switch, close the doors, wait 30 seconds, and then turn the dimmer switch.

Why do my overhead interior lights flicker on and off while driving a 2000 montero sport?

one of the doors is not closed all the way or the switch in one of the door jams turning off the light. I would guess that the light is flickering when you driving. Which means it is one of the switches

Why does my Toyota truck does nothing when the key is turned the lights and horn work but no other electrical works no dash no power to the doors battery is good with good connection?

not turning the key far enough, steering wheel locked preventing. possibly bad ignition switch.

Overhead lights on doors are closed 97 Chevy-Astro?

check each door to see if switch is damaged or grounded Check headlamp switch