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in my trail blazer i took the whole switch assembly apart and discovered that a miny diode had fried. It is a matter of replacing the switch assembly.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-30 04:33:56
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Q: Your drivers side power window master switch stopped working but the door lock button is working you checked the switch and it has no power going to it 3 relays r good what nxt 93 Camry xle 2.2l?
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Your power windows on your 1997 Ford Explorer stopped working checked the fuses they are all good what else could it be?

Have you checked the WINDOW LOCK button on the drivers door armrest ( just a thought ) Also , I was looking at the 1997 Ford Explorer Owner Guide and it shows that there is a 30 amp maxi fuse ( # 10 ) in the Power Distribution Box ( the P D Box is " live " ) located in the engine compartment which is for the Power Windows / Power Locks / Power Seats

How do you get into the trunk of a 1995 Plymouth Voyager if the key won't work and the button just stopped working?

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What is wrong when you only get clicking when using the key remote or the button on the drivers door panel for remote trunk release of a 2000 Grand Am GTI if you have checked the fuse and it is good?

== == The lock solenoid switch is not working properly to retract the lock arm in the trunk.

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Check if there is voltage to window regulator motor; if there is replace motor.

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Power window switches on a 1993 Cherokee work on drivers door only checked wires on other doors all have power but do not work?

Make sure the window lock button is not engaged on the drivers door. If the button is not engaged then there is a short on the window lock switch. Answer 2:Had to replace the complete drivers door switch assy.I believe rainwater from the driprail falling on the switches is the cause($255.00 from dealer)

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have you checked to be sure that the driver lock out button has not been pushed. it is usually above the window controls and it use to keep small children from rolling down the windows.

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