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Your heater and air conditioner stopped cooling and heating the air all at once but the fan still blows strong Does anyone know what your problem details?

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Sounds like you have an internal heater box issue. Possibly one on the mode door motors quit or you have a broken door inside heater box. To access heater box, you have to remove entire dashboard assembly. This is not too simple of a task.

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What is the problem when ac not heating or cooling?

They are too numerous to list here.

in what city a technician will automatically be dispatched by computer when there is a problem with the air conditioner or heating system?


What is the problem if an air conditioning compressor ices up?

call your heating and cooling company now

What could be the reason of air conditioner cooling problem?

It is important to keep the air conditioner clean and know how to remove mold as it can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and also cause a foul smell . You should clean the condenser and the indoor unit.

What is wrong with the heating system in your 2000 Buick?

In my Buick? Not a thing. Need more info on what your Buick is doing or not doing --- cooling system problem? In dash heater problem? Engine overheating?

Mazda mx3 is overheating has no cooling leak - how can you fix it?

with my 95 mx3 i was having the same problem all i did was adjusted the angle of the radiator and the over heating problem stopped id try that

Why is car air conditioner not cooling or blowing really cold air?

There is a problem, and because this is a complex system with many possible causes it needs to be checked by a knowledgeable person.

What could be the problem when all of a sudden horn running lights raer defrost wiper blands and knobs to heating and cooling all stop on 2000 vw jetta 2.0 engine?

An electrical problem.

What indicates a problem while inspecting a suction line of an air conditioner?

"What" on the suction line of an air conditioner indicates a problem?

Can you boost your air conditioner anyway in a 2000 silverado?

No you cannot boost or get more cooling out of an air conditioner in a vehicle. Suggest you take it to a service/repair shop and see if it is low on Refrigerant or have another problem....but you cannot boost an air conditioning compressor's performance.

1999 Chevy Cavalier When you are driving it works fine but when stopped it starts to overheat and the air conditioner turns on and off Could it be the pcm module?

not likely PCM problem... most common cause is either ... Bad Cooling Fan Relay Blown Cooling Fan Fuse or Bad Cooling Fan Motor

Why does Cavalier get hot when air conditioner is on?

i have a Z24. dont have that problem but i would say your cooling system should be flushed out..your engine is working to hard to run the compresser..hope it helps steve

Why is your compressor frozen in ice on your central air conditioner?

You have a problem . possibly the inside coil needs cleaning. and the air filter is clogged. May even be low freon. How about the cooling? whats happening there.

Cooling fan problem?

If you have a problem with your cooling fan it may be an electrical problem. You don't want to drive you car in this condition because it can run hot.

Why is your air conditioner blowing cool air outside instead of warm air?

It is likely you have a heat pump. A type of air conditioning system which heats as well as cools. If there is cold air coming from the outdoor fan, you are in the heating mode. If you are calling for cooling at the thermostat, and there is cold air coming off the fan from the outdoor coil, there is a problem with likely the low voltage wiring.

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beginning details problem details solution details end

Air Conditioner Repairs?

form_title= Air Conditioner Repairs form_header= Stay cool with air conditioner repairs. How old is your air conditioner?*= _ [50] Please describe the problem in detail.*= _ [50] What is the make and model of the air conditioner?*= _ [50]

Is there a problem with ps3 slims cooling system?

no there is not

What should I do with my 2003 CTS with a problem with the cooling system?

Take it to a mechanic to work on the cooling system.

91 olds cutlass ciera heats up too much with AC or Heat on why Problem just started?

If the car is over heating then it could be that the electric cooling fan motor is not working so the fan can

What problem does adaptive optics correct?

Primarily:Turbulence in the earth's atmosphere which creates twinklingMaybe also:Gravitational stresses due to tilting a telescopeThermal deformations caused by uneven heating/cooling of a telescope mirror

What is a fault log?

A fault log is used to record all details of a problem as well as the client details and the resolution to the fault/problem.

What is the problem when the window air conditioner buzzes for 3 seconds intermittently when turned to cool and it is not cooling and the fan is running OK?

Compressor is having trouble starting and is failing on the overtemp protector in the motor. Could be the capacitor or the compressor itself is bad.

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