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You can check to make sure the radiator fluid is up to the correct fill level. Also be sure that the coolant/water mix is within the suitable ratio parameters. There is an inexpensive tester at all reputable autopart stores for that. You can also check to see if your thermostat is functioning properly. If it is not then your heat may only get slightly warm and may not heat up at all. Sounds like a thermostat.

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Q: Your heater in your 1998 f150 does not get hot in defrost and panel only slightly in heat mode What can you check for proper operation?
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Replace the heater core under the dash board. Fairly easy job if no A/C. But first before you start this, see if is there a coolant leak inside the cab? Usually onto the floor mat and/or what appears to be vapor exiting defrost windshield vent (leaves greasy like film on glass. If above is not happening then check thermostat for proper operation and heater hose connections for leaks. Heater cores are usually no more than $40-50. You should be able to buy at after market auto supply store.

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If the thermostat is stuck wide open (and thus needing replacement) the engine will never achieve proper operating temperature and thus will not heat the interior of the car much.

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Check the radiator/condensor fan for proper operation.Check the radiator/condensor fan for proper operation.

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Unfortunately, the easiest way to change the hose (firewall connections) is from under the car. If your Achieva has the dual hose with the black valve across both lines, make sure you go to the dealer for the replacement. It's important for proper operation. Replacing with regular heater hose will cause problems down the road.

What would cause my Lincoln 2001 heater not put heat in the car?

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All cars need a thermostat for proper operation and longevity.

2001 ford f- 150 supercrew heater core installation?

Bolt the heater core into its proper position. There are four retaining bolts. Connect the water lines to the heater core. Fill the cooling system with coolant.

Heater in dodge 5.7 hemi starts out warm then cools down when you turn blower on high?

If the engine is at the proper temperature and the coolant is full, you have a restricted heater core.

Why does AC and heater blow air through defrost vents and will not blow air into cabin vents on 2000 Ford E350 van?

There is a vacuum switch that controls an air gate that diverts the air flow to the proper outlet. Blowing air out the defroster is the default setting of the switch. Most common causes of this problem are vacuum leaks. Check the vacuum hose on the passenger side engine compartment first. It ususally leaks going through the fire wall. Regardless this problem is most often always the result of a leak somewhere in the vacuum system not the failure of the switch itself. If it is a diesel check for proper operation of the vacuum pump

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