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Had the same problem. Though the handle breaks easily, it may just be that the latch is rusted shut. Make sure you're using that lever to hook and pull the latch like you normally would, (you may have to hold it with two hands) but have somoene bang the hood of your car at the front near the center as you're doing it, it may pop open. I've had problems on my 89 having some rust that has that effect.

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โˆ™ 2006-11-27 05:39:14
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Q: Your hood release latch is broken how do you get the hood to your 1990 dodge daytona open?
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Where do you locate the hood latch under the hood when the cable is broken?

dodge truck broken hood latch

How do you fix the glove box latch for a 2000 Dodge Durango?

If the plastic part is broken, it can not be repaired. New latch is about $ 50.00.

How do you open a hood latch on a 1996 dodge van if the cable is broken?

You can try unscrewing the grille and getting your hand or tools up to the latch.

Where is the engine compartment hood release latch on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

The latch is under the front of the hood. The release handle is at the left side of the interior near the driver's door.

How do you release a broken latch with a broken cable on a 1988 Ford Explorer?

use the gas tank to masturbate and ejaculate in the engine

Whats the easiest way to open the hood on a 91 firebird with a broken inside hood release?

climb under there with a flashlight and a screwdriver and release the latch climb under there with a flashlight and a screwdriver and release the latch

How do you repair a broken hood release?

depends on the problem, it could be the hood release cable, or the latch. latch is very simple, the cable is also simple, just more of a routing problem.

How do you open hood of Isuzu Trooper 2001 if latch is broken?

how to get a 2001 isuzu trooper hood open if release cable is broken

How do you fix a broken door latch on a 1999 Chevrolet Blazer?

If the door latch on a 1999 Chevrolet Blazer is broken on the car frame, a new latch might have to be welded in. The old door latch will have to be cut out with a torch. If the latch is broken on the door, a new door might be cheaper than welding in a new latch.

How do you unlock the hood from outside of the car on a 98 turaus car?

I assume you have tried opening it by pulling the hood release lever. Determine the cause of the hood not opening. If the release handle for the hood doesn't retract back into position after you pull it, it's likely that the cable leading to the latch is broken. If the release handle retracts as usual and you can feel it trying to release the latch, it may be the latch itself that is broken. It is more common for the latch to be broken or jammed than for the cable to be broken. Rule out the hood being jammed shut before you proceed as if the latch is broken. Have another person stand in front of the car and pull up on the hood while you stay inside the car and pull on the hood release cable. This may help unjam the hood if that is the problem. If this still doesn't help the hood lift up, you can proceed as if the latch unit is broken. Shine a flashlight through the front grill of the car to locate the latch unit. Once you can see it, use a screwdriver to go through the front grill and manipulate the screwdriver in different ways, trying to open the latch. The latch is spring loaded, so it may take pressure to open the latch manually. Be careful to stay away from the condenser for the air conditioning unit--the screwdriver could puncture a hole in it if you don't keep it only on the latch assembly.

Can you open the hood from the outside of a 2006 Chevy trailblazer if the hood release is broken?

If you remove the grill from the front of the truck you can then access the safety latch and hood release. My latch had rusted so I had to do this using a flat head screw driver and lifting the safety latch which allowed for the hood release to open.

Car door wont open from inside?

The cable between the latch and the handle may be broken or needs adjustement to shorten the cable so that the latch will fully release.

Where is the door ajar sensor on a 2006 dodge ram 1500?

It is part of the latch.It is part of the latch.

Where is the hood release on a 1973 dodge custom power wagon?

Theres a latch behind the grill and once it pops up theres another latch under the center of the hood

How do you open the hood on a 1990 Honda Civic if the inside hood latch release is broken?

go through the grill and use a heavy duty screwdriver to pry back the latch

How do you release a hood latch with a broken cable on a 1988 Sunbird?

If you can still see the wire, use pliers and pull, it should release the hood.

How do you open the hood of a '95 dodge caravan when the hood release cable is broken?

Remove the grille by unscrewing 4 screws, #20 torx. Gently pull grill off toward the front of the car. May need to bend plastic grille slightly. Pulls out toward front of car, not up, down or to the side. You can now reach the hood latch. Push on hood latch to the drivers side with large screwdriver to release latch.

How do I open the hood on a 1993 Bravada when the hood latch cable is broken?

my 2001 does the same thing. its the spring in the latch release. I have to have my wife sit in the car and keep popping the hood release while i push in and up and down on the hood right where the latch release is over and over and eventually it gives. Once you get the hang of it you can do it by yourself.

How do you get to the hood release mechanism when the latch is broken?

The generic answer would be to first take a good look on the hood release mechanism on a similar car. Then get a good flashlight, look through the grille and see if there's a way of accessing the latch from there.

How can you open the hood of a 1994 Chevy ilumina van when the cable release is broken?

omg u Have to go thru the grill and pull the release latch

How do you open the hood on a 1992 Buick Century when the hood latch is broken?

Use a set of pliers to pull the cable even if the plastic latch is broken...

How do you open the hood to your Civic 2000 if the hood latch is broken?

With a pair of pliers pulling the latch.

How do you open the hood on a 94 Plymouth grand voyger with broken latch?

Need more information. Is the latch behind the grill broken? Or is it the latch operated from inside the vehicle? If it's the latter you can remove the latch mechanism and pull on the cable using pliers or vise grips.

Where is the door alarm at in your dodge neon?

its built into the latch

How do you open the hood on a Nissan Frontier if you have a broken hood cable?

Use a screwdriver to release the hood latch through the front grille. Take a look at the hood latch on another car to get an idea of how they work.