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Your ignition key will not let you pull it out after you turn it off 50 of the time on a 97 Chevy s-10 pick-up 4.3 automatic?

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I had a similar problem and did alot of reading. It appears there is an issue with Gm igniton switches. They can cause stuck keys. also can cause vehicle to stop running even while driving (this is what happened to me) SES light, window, wiper and shifting problems. I replaced switch it was a pain as you have to practically disassemble your dash. part cost abt. 100.00 at Autozone. also your key tumbler could be bad very cheap and a little bit of a pain to replace

2011-03-15 13:29:08
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How do you pull out a ignition cylinder from a 1996 S-10 extented cab automatic?

how to pull a ignition cylinder on a S-10 extented cab automatic

How do you change pickup coil on 1978 Chevy pickup?

u have to pull the whole distributer to change the pickup coil

How do you replace ignition switch in 94 Chevy Suburban?

Remove the ignition switch retaining nut. Pull the ignition out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the ignition barrel. Reverse the process to install the new ignition.

On a 93 Chevy cavalier- do you have to pull steering wheel to replace ignition switch?


How do you remove the ignition lock cylinder on a 1964 Chevy puck up truck?

Turn it, then pull up and out.

How do you release an engaged emergency brake on a 1991 Chevy pickup when the release handle broke off in your hand?

pull the shaft

What is the towing capacity for a 1992 half ton Chevy S10 pickup truck?

how much can a cheve s10 1992 pull ?

Location of orfice tube 98 Chevy pickup?

You will need to pull the front grill and it will be in the condenser where the liquid line connects to............

Is there a filter in the gas tank of a 1978 Chevy G20 van?

Yes, there is a nylon ``sock`` on bottom of fuel pickup.

How do you change an ignition switch on the column of a 1995 Ford F150 pickup?

Put an awl in the small hole under nieth of ignition switch,push up, with the ignition in the run position with vehicle off. Pull out in same positon and install new one in the run position.which is same position you will pull out old one.

How do you pull a wire from ignition switch to connect a off market stereo for a 2002 Chevy cavalier it does not have the ignition switch wire?

i do not know go to a car stereo install ... store

How do you turn off automatic light on a 1999 Chevy silverado?

Look in the fuse box and find the DRL fuse and pull it out.

What type of ATF do you use in a Chevy S10 2001?

Pull the dipstick out of the automatic transmission and read it, will tell you what fluid to use.

How do you remove the grill from a 1998 Chevy pickup?

use a flathead screw driver to take the center of the pushin clips out and pull the push in clips out

How do you set the clock on 1986 Chevrolet S10 pickup?

Turn radio off. Turn ignition switch on. (engine not running). Pull OUT seek button to change hours. Pull out scan button to change minutes.

What type of transmission fluid for 1988 Chevy pick up?

If that is an automatic transmission, pull the dipstick and read it, it will tell what fluid to use.

Where do you put oil into your 1977 400 small block Chevy pickup engine?

One of the valve covers will have a plug, you can pull out. Usually the driversn side.

How do you drain a radiator on a 1998 Chevy cavalier automatic?

There should be a radiator drain on bottom right side. turn it until it stops then pull out on it.

What transmission fluid is recommended for 1997 Chevy truck?

Assuming this is an automatic transmission, pull the dipstick out and read it, it will tell you the proper ATF to use.

How do you replace an ignition switch for a 2000 blazer?

To replace an ignition switch on a 2000 Chevy Blazer remove the lower steering column and dash. Locate the ignition switch and pull the end-clip off the main harness. Remove the mounting screws from the ignition cylinder and replace the unit.

Where is the slave cylinder on a 94 Chevy S-10 pickup?

The slave cylinder is actually built onto the throw-out bearing. If you have a problem with it you will have to pull the trans.

How do you get the ignition out of a 1983 Chevy truck?

U have to pull the steering wheel and the turn signal mechanism behind it. Once that's outa the way you will find one screw that most be removed then the ignition will slide right out.

Where is the transmission filter on a 1979 Toyota Pickup?

== == If it's a manual it has no filter. If it's an automatic it's on the bottom. Pull the pan on the bottom of the tranny and it will be directly above. Inside the transmission.

How do you check transmission fluid in a Dodge Ram Pickup?

If your checking the level of the tranny fluid in an automatic you need to turn on the engine let it idle in park NEUTRAL and pull the dipstick.

What type trans fluid neede for 1987 Chevy s10 automatic?

Pull the transmission dipstick and read what it says on the stick, it will tell you what fluid it requires.