Your infotainment system is stuck on trip computer cleared how can this be reset?

I had the same problem on '03 Saab 93 ss , i over cleared a warning message on the SID , which resulted in the "Trip Computer Cleared " message appearing , very simple fix just disconnected the battery for a few seconds and display returned to normal -reset clock and once car was moving information displayed again on fuel consumption & temp etc....

Hope this helps ,

Just had the same issue with my 2005 Saab 9-3. To reset the SID, remove the fuses from slots 3 and 14 on the side panel that holds all fuses---consult owners manual for precise location. Leave the fuses out for a couple of hours (I removed them overnight), and the SID display will reset....two hours or more is important, nothing happens if you simply remove the fuses and immediately replace them......good luck!