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If your oil pressure light comes on while engine is at an idle, maybe 10-40 is too low of a viscosity for your engine. I'd go to a 20-40 or 30-50 and see how the oil pressure does. make very sure you have the correct filter, some "factors" did for a while produce the wrong filter for certain vauxhall engines, these filters did not have a bypass and would cause light to come on, would couse catastrophic engine loss if not sorted. suggest recheck filter and obtain one from main dealer if not already done so. possible blocked oil pick up pipe in sump ,not uncommon if infrequent oil changes ..............PS i had this problem you made need to change the oil pressure monitor switch just on the top, front of the engine, it also appears to leak oil when the switch has gone!


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9 to 13 LBS (PSI) Correct answer is that if it is a 1996 to 2000 the correct fuel pressure is 60 to 66 with key on and not running 55 to 58 with it running at idle.

Assuming it is a fuel related problem, the fuel pump may be running but it may not be putting out the correct pressure. Have the fuel pressure tested, it should be 60 to 66 psi. Also be sure the fuel filter has been changed.

Fuel filter, fuel pump, or pressure bypass/relief valve is not providing the correct, enough fuel pressure at the injectors.

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It is 28-45psi with engine running and 35-45psi with key on engine off.

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Need to run a fuel pressure test. Specs. are 9 to 13 LBS. You could very well have a bad fuel pump. CHECK PRESSURE.

9 to 13 LBS. NO HIGHER ARE LOWER. Are you will have starting and running problems.

The fuel pump may be running but it may not put out enough fuel pressure. Have the fuel pressure tested. I am assuming the fuel filter has been changed.

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If the engine is not running the pressure should be 35 to 40 psi. If the engine is running the pressure should be 30 to 45 psi.

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There are numerous problems with a strting and stopping engine. It could be the fuel pump, the crank sensor or the cam sensor. A fuel pressure test wil rule out the fuel pump, however the sensor are checked with a scanner, but usually have to be changed to find out which is at fault, don't rule out a plugged catalytic converter if there is an engine light on in the instrument cluster

With key on engine not running pressure should be 9 to 13 psi Engine at idle pressure should decrease by 3 to 10 psi on a throttle body. On a multi port injection key on engine not running pressure should be 41 to 47 psi. Engine running at idle pressure should decrease 3 to 10 psi. Central multiport fuel injection key on not running should be 58 to 64 psi. Engine running at idle pressure should decrease 3 to 10 psi. Central sequential electronic fuel injection key on not running pressure should be 55 to 61 psi. Engine running at idle pressure should decrease 3 to 10 psi.

What happens first? Pressure/Engine Dying? Has the oil always been changed? If not oil will form sludge, when the oil is finally changed, the detergent in the new oil breaks free the sludge which can get sucked into the oil pump intake. this would cause an immediate loss of oil pressure and engine issues. Thats been my experience with sudden oil pressure loss issues. Dan

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First of all the type of a car makes a difference an in order to check the oil pressure you must know at what pressure it should be at if everything is normal. All cars come with gages and on the dash board of most you'll find a gage for oil. Refer to your owners manual for the the correct pressure it should be running at!

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