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Sometimes, you can "stress" yourself into missing a period - some girls want so badly to be pregnant they can actually develop all of the symptoms, and some girl are so worried that they are pregnant that they can too. If you took an acurate pregnancy test and are positive of your start date, RELAX. if your period doesn't start in a few days, either retake the test carefully or find a clinic (there are quite a few free clinics that are anonymous) and have them do a pregnancy test. Good luck either way!

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What do i do I am 20 days late on periods and no symptoms of pregnancy and negative pregnancy test?

Go and see a doctor!! Obvious...

Late period and a negative pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests are VERY accurate these days. Periods can be late for a variety of reasons, including stressing over whether you are pregnant or not! Trust the test, they are accurate!

Im twenty days late and your pregnancy test still reads negative?

I'm twenty days late and pregnancy test still reads negative..

Can you be pregnant if your period is nine days late and your pregnancy test is negative?

Your pregnancy test is negative. You are not pregnant, unless you conceived in the last ten days.

Can you be pregnant when you are thirteen days late and the pregnancy test shows negative?

It's possible that you ovulated late and did get pregnant and that is why your period is late. It's alot more possible (especially if you have regular periods) that something else is delaying your period, such as stress, or worrying about pregnancy. If you period doesn't show up soon, and you still have a negative pregnancy test, talk to your doctor!

If your period is 2 days late are you pregnant?

Periods can be late for any of a thousand different reasons, do a pregnancy test!!

If you have regular periods and you are a week late you take a pregnancy test and it was negative what could it be?

The same thing happened to me. It's scary, I know. But the fact that the pregnancy test was negative is good and sometimes periods can be irregular because of stress.

Why is the pregnancy test negative if you are three days late?

Because you're not pregnant

What if your period is five days late but the test is negative?

It may be an ectopic pregnancy

Can diabetes cause false negative pregnancy test?

i think it can im about 5 days late and still have a negative

You are 2 days past your due period but the pregnancy test is negative?

Most likely the cause is then stress. Lots of women can be late for periods due to lots of stress in their daily lives.

You are about 4 days late for your period and your pregnancy test is negative?

It might be because its to soon for it to show

How accurate is a pregnancy test after 3 days late for period?

A pregnancy test can give u a false negative but not a false positive.

My belly is getting bigger but I have had my periods they were about 5 days late and I had a neg pregnancy test could I be pregnant?


What does it mean if you have a positive pregnancy test 4 days before your missed period and a negative test when you are a day late and 5 days late?

Take another test

You are 3 days late took a pregnancy test but was negative?

Take another one in 2 weeks

If you took a pregnancy test 2 days before your preiod and it came out negative and your 2 days late and have n pregnancy symptoms?

Wait a week and then do another pregnancy test. A test taken 2 days before your period is due may have given you a false negative result.

Can you be pregnant if your 2 days late and have no pregnancy symptoms?

Always possible but it's normal for some girls to have irregular periods.

If you get your periods 17 days late with negative pregnancy test and after that you feel bloated and have nausea feeling and loss of appetite but still gain weight and still negative pregnancy test a?

Hi, This could be due to a hormonal imbalance or a Thyroid Imbalance. Speak to your Doctor and have a pregnancy blood test performed. Much more accurate than a urine test.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 17 days late no other sign of pregnancy and 3 tests latest was on the 16th day of missed period.?

Yes. You can still have a pregnancy. You have to wait till you get the periods. The pregnancy test be repeated weekly till you get the periods.

Your periods are 10 days late and your pregnancy test is negative which you did 5 days back and 1 day back you had only bleeding stains.Can i be pregnant?

Most definitely, I had a negative pregnancy test when 2 week's late before finding out I was pregnant. Sometimes even the most regular person will ovulate at a different time in their cycle and if you conceive days before your period is due then the test could show up a false negative. And I have heard of other women having a bloody discharge in early pregnancy so relax and take another test if you don't start a normal period in the next few days.

You have all the symptoms of pregnancy you were 20 days late then your period came but it lasted 2 days you took a home pregnancy test but test came out negative can you still be pregnant?


I am 6 days late for my period and I took a blood pregnancy test it was negative can I still be pregnant?

your are definetly pregnant

Need help dont know what to do you are 15 days late pregnancy test came out negative can you be pregnant?

If the pregnancy test is negative, you're probably not pregnant. Take another or see your doctor.

Who put nuva ring in 2 days late and you had 2 periods that month?

Since you reinserted NuvaRing two days late, there's a chance you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test, and use a backup method of birth control until you've been on the ring for seven days. if you don't get a period after removing NuvaRing, repeat the pregnancy test. If it's negative, insert the new ring.

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