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try picking up a new fan relay + check fuse and module fan behind bumper


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Low on coolant or your sensor needs attention.

Where is the IAT sensor in a peugeot 207

Temp sensor not working, cooling fan not working, blown head gasket.

If by cooling system you mean the cooling fan, it takes a while for the coolant temperature to rise enough to trigger the temperature sensor that activates the fan. This is to help warm up the engine and to avoid unnecessary operation of the cooling fan when it is not needed.

Causes of overheating: Low/no coolant; cooling fan relay switch/sensor faulty; cooling fan motor faulty; thermostat stuck in closed position; water pump faulty.

Protects, no. The only temp sensor is the coolant temp sensor. The car will run until the engine is ruined if allowed to continue overheating.

The speed sensor on a Peugeot Boxer is on top of the gearbox. It is near the driver's side drive shaft inner CV.

how do you change the cooling sensor on a kia rio 2003

where is the cooling sensor Honda accord 1992

Firstly it's a polaris. Temp sensor, fan relay, fan motor, air in cooling system, thermostat, water pump, control box. Take your pick they all fail or cause overheating problems. Very annoying.

bad cooling sensor or bad connection at cooling sensor.

its the cam shaft sensor or the clutch sensor or both..

Peugeot have two types of IAT sensors. This first sensor for IAT is combined with the MAP sensor. The second IAT sensor for the GTi & GTi 180's are separate entitties and are located at the top of the throttle body.

Many possibles, coolant leakage,headgaket,plugged radiator, stuck thermostat, bad cooling fan, coolant sensor, radiator fan relay, ECU malfunction, rodents chewed on the ground wire for the cooling fan, or about 20 other possibles

The 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora cooling system temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The sensor will be above the thermostat housing.

Radiator plugged or restricted? Cooling system airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator cap defective? Radiator hoses collapsing under pressure? Defective gauge/cooling temperature sensor?

There are two cooling fans in the front of your car. Check to see if they are both coming on when it is overheating. If only one is coming on it either has a bad fan motor,bad sensor that tells it when to come on or maybe only a bad connection at the sensor. You may need a mechanic to check it out unless you know about how electrical systems work relating to cooling fans

location of engine cooling fan sensor

The 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix cooling fan sensor is located on the front of the engine. The fan sensor can be found just above the thermostat.

high resistance coolant temperature sensor, is it overheating,air in coolant pipe at sensor, or bad sensor,

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