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Why does the cooling system kick in after a few miles on my peugeot 306?

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If by cooling system you mean the cooling fan, it takes a while for the coolant temperature to rise enough to trigger the temperature sensor that activates the fan. This is to help warm up the engine and to avoid unnecessary operation of the cooling fan when it is not needed.

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How do you fix the engine on a Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6K that keeps overheating because the fan will not kick on?

check fuse for cooling fan, or possibly temperature sensor at inlet.

Why does your air conditioner disburse an initial blast of warm air before cool air flows out?

It takes a moment for the cooling system to kick in and start cooling. So the warm air that is sitting in the system is forced out when the unit is turned on.

Why does my cooling fan not kick on when the car heats up?

The cooling fan may not kick when the car heats up due to dirty filters. Another reason can be a bad air pocket around the thermostat.

Why do cooling fans only come on when you turn on AC on your Honda CR-V?

The CRV has a very efficient cooling system and the fans only come on as necessary to assist cooling. When you engage the A/C they usually kick on for a minute or two to maintain coolant temperature and will kick back off if they are not needed. So, if you are not overheating you probably don't have anything to worry about. If you are overheating you probably have a bad fan relay.

What temperature does the fan kick on anf off for a 99 Chevy cavalier 2.4l?

This engine and cooling system fan on 210 F. and stabilize at 195 degree.... 210 on a hot summer day.... with a 180 thermostat

At what temp should the engine cooling fan kick on on a 1996 achieva?

it usually turns on around 200 degrees

Cadillac Seville when does the cooling fans kick on?

my fans on my 95 sls come on at 223 degrees. Larry Venice, Florida.

What temp does the cooling fans come on for a 1996 cadillac northstar 4.6 engine?

mine kick on around 230 temp.

What is the difference in the two fans on a 94 Camaro?

One kicks on for normal cooling, they both kick on when the air conditioner is turned on.

How do you remove a rear drum on a Peugeot 106 without a puller?

Put wheel back on drum (with hub nut removed) and kick the wheel to loosen the drum.

Why does the cooling fan on a 2006 Nissan 350Z does not turn on?

Because its probably not working. Try turning on the AC to see if they both kick on and make sure to do this when the car is warm. If the car is cold they fans wont kick in.

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I have an 2001 grand am as i am bleeding the cooling system it overheats no fans kick on but if ac turned on the fans work?

I believe that the fan(s) come on automatically with the AC system. Someone else might be able to confirm that. If so, then I would guess that you need to find and replace the temp sensor/switch for the fans.

Where is the right side kick plate on an Isuzu rodeo?

The kick plate is the plate between the floor and the dashboard in the passenger compartment. The system computer is housed behind the kick plate.

93 Sable wagon funny overheating My sable runs good and cool running down the road but in traffic gets hot The fan kicks on but seems to kick on to late and kick off to soon is there a limit switch?

AnswerCooling fans are controlled by a temperature sensor. If the sensor is out of range the fan will not come on/off at the correct time/temp. AnswerCould also be a failing water pump (fins wear away), low engine coolant, plugged up cooling system. See "Related Questions" below for more

Why does your ac compressor kick in out on your car?

The A/C is supposed to cycle on and off and this is normal. If however it is cycling on and off very quickly or seems to not be cooling as it should, it more than likely has a leak and is low of refrigerant. Take it to a professional, have the leak repaired, and the system recharged.

Is it worth the extra money to buy the beretta extrema 2 with the kick off system?

Some people do believe that it is worth your money to buy the Beretta Extreme 2 with the kick-off system. Others do not.

Why does your idle speed drop when cooling fan kicks on?

Because u are pullin powert from the battery which makes the alternator kick on to keep the battery charged.....

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1999 Malibu and you have replaced the water pump thermostat radior and hoses but it still running hot what can it be may be air in the lines or what?

Do the electric cooling fans kick on?

Why wont your 2004 Chevy cavalier cooling fan stay on?

The engine cooling fan is not suppose to stay on. The temperature sensor on the motor tells the fan to kick on if the motor ever gets too hot, usually comes on at 210-215 if I remember right.

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What would cause the Cooling fan not work on 1994 duster with a v6?

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