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If you are saying that you have reason to believe that the battery is charged, yet the starter won't crank the engine, it could be: starter, Neutral/park lockout switch, Bad electrical connection or Keyswitch.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 20:38:16
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Q: Your radio and lights come on but your car won't start its a 1991 dodge Dynasty why?
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Why wont my Dodge ram 3500 start after replacing the batteries Wont turn over no noise no clicking nothing Dash lights up lights radio works?

one word. starter..

1989 Dodge Dynasty car died after getting hit no significant damage have dash lights horn etc not dummy lights and nothing when attempt to start car.. relays Thanks?

It could be ignition module.

Why does dodge dynasty take so long to start when turning the key?

typical Chrysler product

Car wont start radio works but when you put the lights on radio goes of?

Car battery is run down.

Why your car want start nor will the radio come on but the lights do?

the battery is dead

What is wrong if you turn the key and car won't start there are no lights no radio no dashboard lights?

Most likely your car battery is completley dead.

Taillights and License plate lights not working is it a wiring problem on a dodge Dakota?

Start with checking the fuses.

Will car start with bad alternator?

yes but wont run for long, you will have no lights, horn, radio ect.

Why do the lights go dim on your car right after a jump start?

When you jump start, at first there is only a little charge, and that charge has to go to all electronic features in your car, like the lights, radio, dash

Why won't my 2001 dodge ram 1500 fwd start?

all of the other lights come on but when I turn switch all away to start wont do it

Your 2003 trailblazer won't start. The radio turns on and lights turn on.?

Check the battery. Seems odd but give it a jump and it should start.

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1998 dodge cirrus dash lights don't work but other lights do?

Check the dimmer knob. If that isn't it. Check your fuse. Might not be the problem, but it's a place to start

My 2005 Kia Sedona won't start the lights and radio play but it won't turn over. When you turn the key nothing happens Any suggestions?

See if the battery has water. Then see if it will jump with jumper cables. If it will start with jumper cables, your battery had enough amperage to make the lights work and the radio to play but not enough to start the car.

Why does the radio heater windows and turn signals stop working when you start your 2006 dodge hemi when they work before you start it?

May be a defective ignition switch

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Why does the horn blow for a second when you start your 2000 Dodge Intrepid Sedan?

Because the interior lights 10 amp fuse was blown.

1995 Dodge Intrepid have all lights working but low beam how do you fix?

Maybe start with dimmer switch, that's what I did on mine.

Dodge truck Tail light problem?

after installing led lights my 08 dodge 2500 the turn signal lights start flashing slow for 5 or 6 times then speed up to fast . the emergency flasers flash ok . hooking them up i used separate lights for the brakes , they are not hooked in with the turn signals

1992 Chevy Lumina APV wont start lights radio etc does what is wrong?

Your battery is dead and you should probably take it to the repair shop and have them put it in for you. Couldn't it be the starter motor? The lights and radio come on, so there must be some juice and the battery.

My car wont start but the radio and lights work what could be the problem?

it depends does the car turn over if not most likely it the starter

Your car will start and the radio and lights come on but it kicks over very slowly any thoughts?


How do you know of your car battery is dead?

Your car won't start. No electrical items will work (radio, lights, power windows/locks...)

My 94 altima won't do anything when i try to start it but everything inside comes on radio lights ext what can it be?

Your starter could be shot

What causes your radio to turn off when the lights are turned on?

It's a relay. Which one it depends... I would start from testing headlights relay.