Your sister-in-law appeared at the foot of your sons bed smiling after she had been deceased for about 2 years what is a reasonable reasoning for this?

It could be a number of reasons: 1. If she passed away before he was born, she could be wanting to see him for the first time.

2. She could be watching over him like a guardian angel.

3. If she was close to him before she passed away, she could be letting him know she is still with him/letting him know she is ok.

4. She could be trying to send you or someone in the family a message through him (like #3). Children are more open minded than many adults when it comes to ghosts/spirits. It is sometimes easier to get through to children.

5. If your son tells you something about her, listen to what he's saying. It may be very important to her.

I agree. Children are more attuned to the spirit world because of the way they believe in other things. As you get older you lose the faith and belief you once had as a kid. The reason your sister showed up could have something to do with how she died or she is your son's new guardian angel. Either way, since it was your sister's spirit you have nothing to fear. She will not harm anyone close or dear to you. She might appear again and if she does, welcome her to your house. If you miss her and you welcome her even you as an adult will see a lot more of her. My opinion is based on the fact that the same thing happened to me when I was just 12 years old. My father had died two years before and the n I walked in my room. He stood there before me and said that he loved me. He said that he was always going to be there when I need him. He said all I have to do is call his name. Well, I thought it was my mind so when my uncle was dying I sat on my bed one evening and called his name. He was suddenly there and he told me to let him go because then my uncle would not suffer anymore. I told my mother, but she would not believe it. Believe your son. He did see your sister.

If he was born after she died, she wanted to see how he was doing. I was after my Great Grandma died. I saw one night when I was eight. She said all I had to do was call her name and she would be there. I still call her name and she still shows up sometimes