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Yes, if his dad has custody of him. You might need to go to court again to get custody of your son, so he won't have to live with his dad. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-07-24 00:27:44
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Can a step father maintain custody of a child if the biological father emerges after two years?

only if mum has custody

If bio-father passes away does stepmother have rights if the child has been living with them for years?

In many states, she only has firm custody if she has already adopted the child.

What do you do if your children want to live with you and there father has been in default of the custody order for years now will you be able to get custody?

see links

Can a 19 year old father that works get joint custody of his 2 months old daughter .Mother is 16 years old living with her mother at grand parents house because they have no place to live?

If he is legally the father he has a chance, of course. It's up to the judge. He has to petition the court for custody.

My sons father hasn't been there for your kids almost 11years and now want custody what do I do?

What do I do when my sons father hasn't been there for my sons in over 11 years and now wants custody?

Can 16 year old living with mom in Michigan move to Florida with dad?

If you are 16 years old and the court has given the entire custody to your mother who is living in Michigan, the father who lives in Florida can not take you there unless he has the permission of the court to do so.

If father has no contact with child for first five years do you need to file for full custody?

No, you slowly make it harder, i.e. first use half, if father continues declining, file full custody

Does an unwed mother have sole custody in Washington state even if the kids have been living with dad fro the last 1.5 years?

Yes. For the father to get legal custody he has to go to court and petition for it after he has proved paternity. If he has had the child for the past 18 months, this should not be a problem.

Does illegal father has more rights than grandparents Father wants full custody child's been living with grandparents for four years in AZ?

As an illegal, he probably does not have access to the legal system. The grandparents should probably determine if the father is a fit parent and, if so, do the right thing.

Who get custody if the mother dies and the father hasn't seen the child in years but paternity was established?

Usually in such a case, the State becomes the child's guardian. The courts may award custody to the father after examining his fitness as a parent.

If I have full sole custody of my son and his father and i were never married can i move out of state against the non-custodial parent's will?

YES YOU CAN . once you have full custody you have the right to move wherever you want to that's the reason you file for custody right...the the reason full custody was ordered to give you full permission to do whatever you want ..the court gave u full custody only because they see you are a fit parent at the time of filing. however the father can file for full custody in the future but i doubt he will get it since the child bee living with you for so many years and you were the sole provider

Where is the clark sisters father?

The Clark Sisters father is not living. He died a couple years after Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Dr. Clark & Eld. Clark was separated and Eld. Clark married again.

What is Percentage of divorces that result in mother custodies?

In roughly 85% of the cases, however this has little to do with the views of the court on father custody. Most often, attorneys who lack the experience to properly handle a father custody case, will simply tell the father not to try to get custody because the court is bias or in many cases the father is not interested in full custody. When I first started teaching fathers about custody issues, the rate was 97%. However, now 21 years later, the rate is 15%. The primary problem is fathers taking the time to prepare for a custody challenge. see links below for more info

Can a 16-year-old move in with his mother against his dad's wishes when his dad has custody of him but he has been living with his stepmother instead of his dad for 2 years and not his dad?

You can not decide where to live at this age but tell your mother you are not living with your father so she can bring this to court and get custody of you. You can not just move out against his wishes so better your mother go through the proper channels.

When 15 years old and father has custody can you go live with your mother?

only by court ordersee links

If you have physical custody of a child in Virginia but the child has been living in Florida for 3 years with his father does the Virginia order still stand if the child wants to come back?

No, as it's been longer than six months

Can a father get custody after 14 years just because I file for child support?

Filing for child support has no bearing on the issue of custody. Custody is decided on the basis of the welfare of the child. To get custody of a child, the father would have to demonstrate that he would do a better job as parent. I will add that even if you do need financial assistance, that does not in any way suggest that you are not a good mother. Those are separate issues.

How can a mother get custody of her child when the father signed the birth certifcate but has not assumed responsibliity?

If he has abandoned the mother, talk to a lawyer. There may be a law in your state that after so many years of 'abandonment' custody is automatic. Get a lawyer and file for full custody if abandonment is not the issue.

Who gets the custody of the son of 1.5 years if wife committed suicide?

The father unless he is found unsuitable by the court for some reason.

If no custody agreement who has custody of child in Missouri mother is Mexican citizen with resident visa father is American. son born in us lived in Mexico for first three years and us last 3 years?

If not married, the mother always has sole custody, even without an order. see links below

If you are the custodial parent but work at night does the biological father have the right to take custody of the children?

If you have custody awarded or appointed by the court, the father will have to go through the court to get custody. Usually, to reverse such an order, he would have to prove that being in your custody is detrimental to the children. There is shared custody. They have lived with the mother since the divorce four years ago. He has not paid any money for support. Mother has had children more than the 50% of time. Mothers attorney said that father has rights to custody since the mother works nights and they are with her new husband. Since he is blood father he can take custody of children! I find this hard to believe but have to face the fact that it maybe true. I find it a great disruption in their schedule and hard to see a judge changing it but could it happen?

If you am not married to your child's father and the child spends almost all of his time with you does that mean you have sole physical custody?

If you were never married to the father of the child(Children) custody HAS NOT been established. You must go to court and have custody determined. My child lived with me for 5 Years. The father paid support to the state of Missouri Which I entern received, and he visited on occasion. One weekend he picked her up for a visit and disappeared. No one would help because custody was never established. He had just as much right as I.

I lost custody because I'm living with my borfriend of 3 years is there a law saying this is wrong or is it just religion?

Nothing wrong or illegal living with your boyfriend. Other things must have played a part or you could have had shared custody. The judge should've said something about it.

Did Mary Ann Nichols have kids?

She had five children. At the time of her murder, the eldest was living with her father (their grandfather) and the others were living with her husband (their father), as the couple had been separated for years.

Did Beethoven father any children?

Apparently not, But he did gain custody of his nephew, Karl, who was 9 years old when Beethoven's brother Carl died.