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How do you know the fuel pump is good? Have you done an amp test?From experience I have heard what seems to be an audible pump noise but in actual fact the impeller shaft has sheared so the motor is going round but the pump side isnt. Also check the stand pipe that runs from the pump down into the tank to draw the fuel hasnt fallen off. But i would still be suspicious of the pump in this case. Hope this helps. check the feul pump relay and fuse to see if it is getting power to the pump.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-11 22:20:36
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Q: Your truck is not getting gas the fuil pump and filter is good what do you think?
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Where are the fuel filters located on a 2001 Lincoln LS?

the fuil filter is in the driver side front wheel behind the plastic shroud

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try cleaning the injectors then check the main fuil filter

En the Lincoln Continental esxec 94 where is locate the fuil filter?

your fuel filter is going to located by the right rear strut if im correct, bolted to the side, make sure you put it on the same way you took it off, check the arrows or flow.

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Where is the fuil pump located on 93 integra?

its in the fuel tank

Where is the fuel filter on a Jeep Cherokee 99?

look under the car by the gas tank on the driver side its mount rite to the body: ther is one more filter on the fuil pump whot is inside the tank . that whot im having problems whit i unplag that fuil pump and it shot down some kind of baker Maine switch and i don't get any power to the pump now but the gages showing how mach gas i have ::: well i hope i helpt some 1 GOOD LUUK there is only 1 fuel filter and its in the tank attached to the pump they stopped with the 2 filters after 1996

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There is no fuel reset on that vehicle.

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might be fuil pump.

What does it mean if you try to start a dirt bike and it backfires?

check fuil mixture

Fuil pump relay?

hit the fuel pump shut off switch

Where is the fuil pump on a 2002 Chevy Tahoe?

It's inside the fuel tank.

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Show were a fuil pump in a Chevrolet venture?

the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank

Where is the fuel gauge fuse on 1988 pathfinder?

whear is the fuil gage fuse on a 1988 pathfinder

How do you find the fuil injection relay not fuil pump relay for a 1996 Chevy s-10 4.3l V6?

The fuel pump relay is located in the back of the glove compartment. Remove all the junk in the glove compartment and you will see a door marked "relays".

Whats the correct fuel mixture for a suzuki rm80?

whats the correct fuil mixture for suzuki rm 80

Where is fuil sending unit for Ford Contour?

it is under the back seat you need to take off the back seat

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 1986 Trans AM?

on a 86 tran am it should be a 350 small block . if it is look faceing the motor from the front , on the left side under the head is the fuil pump it has 2 metal lines into it. remove them . ther are 2 bolts on the sides, remove them and you have the fuil pump off.