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Hello there. Some women do experience spotting during early pregnancy. But it is always advisable to see the doctor when this happens. Because your doctor gave her medication and the spotting increased and became reddish in colour, I would see our doctor again and ask for a blood test to check her HCG levels. If the reddish bleeding continues, however faintly, go to the hospital to make sure everything is ok.

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Q: Your wife is 8 weeks pregnant 3 days ago she noticed brown spotting went see doctor gave her hcg injection and progestrone insert pill today the spotting got worse with reddish color then lesser n mor?
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Your wife is 6 weeks pregnant and has noticed brown spotting and What should we do and Is she experiencing a miscarriage?

u need to take her to the doctors or Emergency Room As Soon As Posible

What are the symptoms of being 2- 3 weeks pregnant?

At two to three weeks pregnant, there's rarely many symptoms noticeable at all. You may have noticed slight spotting( implantation bleeding) or a missed period.

I had My period then 2 weeks later I've noticed spotting which stoped then 3 days later i have more spotting.?

It is most likely that this is ovulation bleeding which generally occurs 2 weeks after period ended. However, if there is a chance that you could be pregnant, take a test if you miss your period

I am 14 years old and i have missed my period which was due 8 days ago. I have been on my period for a year and have just noticed some spotting when i wipe. i havent had sex. what is wrong with me?

yes you are pregnant if you have masturbated any it will get you pregnant im sorry honey!

I have the flu and I am due to start my period. I went to the toilet and noticed very light pink spotting but no period is this normal?

It is normal. Flu can make you skip a period or make it late. There might be a possibility that you are pregnant as well?

I hadn't had my period for eight months Im not pregnant I finally started spotting last week that lasted aboutfive days Then after four days I noticed this morning I am spotting again?

You should go to the doctor and have some test done Call Your GYN if you don t have one look in the yellow pages for clinics in your area

Why do you spot everyday on birth control?

I'am on the depot and i have noticed that i have been spotting for the last 2 weeks why?

Do you count brown spotting as a menstrual cycle?

Well, I'm not sure I have an answer either but...I have had brown spotting before my period for a while now...and a day and a half of heavy bleed. I've been trying to conceive for about a year with one misscarriage about a year ago. Now, since then I've tried tracking my cycle by knowing when I ovulate....and I've noticed that if I count from my heavy bleed, I start to get the fertile mucus about 14-16 days after that...not if I count from my, it seems to me you wouldn't count the brownish spotting as your actual period. This is my own experience, but with everything I've studied over the last year, about ovulation and when you have fertile mucus...this would be my answer.ThanksAnswerThat was my experience as well AnswerAgreed, you shouldn't count it. Answerno you don't that spotting you had could be a sign of pregnancy or left over blood if you find out your pregnant you have to give that day you had spotting to your doctor so he knows how many weeks your pregnant ok

Is spotting a sign of pregnancy?

No, but it is possible to spot during pregnancy. In particular, it could be implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test to be sure. Blood tests are more reliable than urine tests. actually yes, spotting can very well be an early sign of pregnancy. it was the first sign i noticed that tipped me off that i was pregnant- it is not at all unusual to have spotting (which is known as implantation bleeding) anywhere from 4-12 days after conception. the reason for this is that the egg burrows into the uterine lining. of course spotting does not automatically mean that you are pregnant, though. Many women spot after sex while they pregnant. During pregnancy there is a lot more blood flow to the vagina and cervix area to support the baby. Sex can cause spotting because this area is a lot more swollen than usual and is easily bruised, leading to small amounts of bleeding. The spotting could be caused by the pregnancy. Don't worry about it unless it more than a "spot". Just take the sex a little easier for the future.

I am scared i might be pregnant i never get pre-period spotting but I've noticed there was light spotting today could i be pregnant or do you think it's the start of my period Any answers please?

It depends. Could be pre-period blood, could not. If you've had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago or more, you could be having something called "implantation blood". Basically what it means is you're slightly bleeding from having a fertilized egg implanted in your uterus. chances are you could be pregnant, chances are its your period. since you haven't provided any other information it's hard to tell what it it. either way, good luck!

Is it normal to have brown discharge at 8 weeks pregnant?

No it is not. I had brown spotting and noticed, right away, that my bloated belly was gone. I lost my baby at 8 weeks, 3 days. I've read plenty on the Internet with regard to much happier stories but I am betting they are few and far between. Get to a doc, asap.

I had some period like cramping but had no spotting 7 days after conception I have noticed that I have a lot of mucus and blackish green stools. Does this mean I am pregnant?

If you have blackish green stools you really need to see a doctor. It may just be something you have eaten, or it may be serious, black stools can indicate bleeding in your digestive system, (it can also be from taking vitamins with iron) it is certainly nothing to do with being pregnant.

Can you have pregnancy symptons and not be pregnant?

i have three times noticed that i have all symptoms of pregnancy .every time my periods delay for 15 days and above .but i was not pregnant

Do you have hot and cold flash when you are pregnant?

I am pregnant with our fourth and have hot and cold flashes. I am 40.4 years of age. I noticed that with our first child at 32 that I had more hot than cold flashes. At 34 with our second, I noticed nothing concerning hot and cold flashes. With our third boy, I noticed both hot and cold flashes at about the same rate as I do now at 7 weeks.

If you haven't noticed light bleeding for implantation could you still be pregnant?

Yes, not all women have implantation bleeding.

What causes round ligament pain if you are not pregnant?

I think I am having round ligament pain on my left side and I am not pregnant. Is this possible? My doctor noticed a cyst on my ovary on the left side.

If when you woke up this morning you went to the bathroom and you noticed you were spotting which has never happened and now its gone on the same day what could it be?

It could be implantation bleed, it all depends on what day of your cycle you are on.

Could you be pregnant if you have been spotting blood after intercourse?

That does not mean you are pregnant in any way. It just means that well if you are a virgin then when you were having sex the sack containing blood (most often heard as cherry) will burst causing you to bleed. Now if this isn't the case then it might just me from where damage has been done, this does not mean it is serious it just means having rough sex can cause a tear making you bleed, this damage will heal without being noticed by you.

You are 7 weeks pregnant and experienced brown spotting for a couple of days then you noticed a clot of white tissue mixed with brown bits you have had no further bleeding could this be a miscarriage?

This is no time to be sitting at the computer asking us if you are having a miscarriage. Hopefully you aren't, but it's extremely important that you get to your doctor immediately and if he/she can't see you then go to the ER. You baby will be monitored. DO NOT DELAY!

How to inject in the leg?

You must rotate your injection sites! That is the key. I really don't know how to get rid of them but do talk to your doctor about that or google it maybe. Again, rotate your injection sites!!! Because as you've noticed, if you don't rotate than you will get fat deposits and it is not attractive or would I say comfortable!

Can you be pregnant even though you have bleeding?

yes, my auntie was still having her periods and didnt know that she was pregnant till she noticed symptoms like milk leaking boobs enlargement etc.

Me and my boyfriend had sex. the condom got stuck in me i took it out and noticed there was no cum in it whats the chances of me being pregnant?

About 99%!

Your dragon is 8 weeks and today you noticed he is turning yellow and is not eating is he sick?

Probably,yes.Mostly if an animal looks like its sick it means its pregnant,but males cant be pregnant,its probably dieing

When do your aureoles get darker in pregnancy?

This was actually the 1st thing (apart from being late) that I actually noticed before I even knew I was pregnant.

Can you get a girl pregnant at 12?

Yes if you have hit puberty which you may not have noticed that you have yet. Only have sex if you are using protection and is ready for the consequences.