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Also you might want to open the boot, there is a small pipe going to both of the noxxles check it if its blocked or some thing.

Also a quick fix would be to take a small pin or needle and put it in the wholes of your nozzle as it will unblock /lock the air lock and it should start working.

Infact try the needle trick first before opening the hood.

Check the pickup screen. If it becomes clogged you will not be able to get washer fluid through it.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-02 10:47:24
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Q: Your windscreen wipers on your Peugeot 206 work but when you press for some windscreen wash to come out you can hear the motor but no water comes even after you have filled it up with water?
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How do you adjust the windscreen water sprayer on a peugeot 106?

if you get a small pin and look from where the water comes from and you will see a small hole just pop the pin in there and pull it up a little bit

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What happen if roof tile comes off on high winds and damages neighbors car windscreen?

it will bust the car winshield

Your car sometimes won't start and the battery light comes on. Is this a wiring problem although it starts most of the time. Also my window wipers sometimes just stop in the middle of my windscreen?

Stop by AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, they have free service to check the battery. It looks like with wipers you have a separate problem. You are right it might be wiring, but it might not. Most likely you just haveoxidized wires, so you need to check that. Also the mechanism which is responsible for wires can be damaged, ware off or just rusty.

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Does a peugeot 406 2.0 hdi have a limp home fuction when engine management light comes on?

Yes it has.

When to change a cambelt on a 106 Peugeot?

Every 5 years or 60,000 miles which ever comes first.

What mileage does cam belt need changing on 2004 Peugeot 206?

For Peugeot 206 1.6 petrol, cambelt change should be done every 90000km or 6 years, whichever comes first.

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How do you replace the pollen filter on a 2000 A4? It lives under the cover at the rear RHS of the engine bay tucked under the windscreen. Remove the 8 mm setscrew holding the outer cover in place and you will see it. ;there are three plastic screws hold the lower windscreen trim turn them 1/4 turn ONLY anti clockwise otherwise they will break.Gently prise downwards the clip which holds the two halfs of the windscreen trim in place and remove it. There are two clips hold the remaining half of the pollen filter cover in place and it comes off forwards. Dont be too rrough with any off this or you will have a lot of burst bits of plastic and a bit repair bill. Also start with he wipers parked half up the screen .Good luck !

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The radio/casette player in a peugeot 106 comes with a 4 digit preset which is input by pressing 1,2,3 and 4....the combination is provided by Peugeot itself, if u have lost the combination then u might have to pay £30 to Peugeot to get it unlocked, it'll be cheaper to buy a new stereo.

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