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It sounds like your tires are out of balance. I would take it to a tire shop and get them balanced. If you have a Walmart nearby, and they have a shop, it's fairly cheap there. That should be your answer.

ANS2:I agree. More than likely a tire balance and rotation will solve the vibration problem. Of course, ask them to inspect the tires for any defects.
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Q: If your car vibrates at high-speeds and the steering wheel too what could be the cause and how long can you wait to fix if money is an issue?
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When you put a car in drive or reverse and let off the brake and turn the wheel it vibrates in the steering wheel but it doesn't vibrate when you drive what is that?

Check your power steering fliud, if it is low this could cause the vibration you are feeling.

Is it safe to Drive while steering wheel vibrates?

Not surprisingly, it depends, if the steering wheel vibrates all the time, no. IT could be a whole bunch of things. If it just vibrates at a certain speed range, roughly 50 to 70 mph, it is probably the tracking on your tires (or at least that's worth checking as it is a cheap procedure). Either way, if it makes you feel unsafe whilst driving the car, then don't drive it.

Why a 2001 Honda Accord LX Steering wheel vibrates when stop at a red light?

AnswerIf vibration while stopping, it could be your front brake rotors. If while at idle, then it could be a misfire issue.

Could a bad battery cause power steering to fail?

no because power steering is a hydrollic assist system

Why the steering wheel of my car vibrates when reach 50 to 60 miles?

Most likely the wheels and tires are not properly balanced... could also be something loose in front suspension.

If power steering fluid is leaking from the driverside inner tie rod what could be the the cause?

If you have rack and pinion steering, the steering gear will need replaced.

When you press on the brake your car jerks?

The car "jerks". Pulls to one side or vibrates? Vibration when applying brakes is most likely warped rotors. Another cause could be loose caliper bolts. If the car is pulling it may be a caliper sticking or worn suspenion/steering parts.

What would cause really sloppy steering in my 96 Bronco other than the steering box needing adjustment?

Could be bad joints in the steering shaft, could also be bad tie-rod ends.

What would cause a 1999 grand am steering column to lock up occasionally?

Could be steering rack is worn and needs replacement

What would cause my new to me Mazda 1989 929 to vibrates while accelerating and braking?

Wheel hubs or bearings or could be the CV shafts.

What would cause steering to stiffen and not retrun to centre?

Worn steering and suspension parts, this could be dangerous, have it checked by a trusted mechanic soon.

What could cause the power steering not work on a 1986 C30 454 Chevy truck?

The power steering pump has probley quit working.