What is a 52X CD Drive?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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52x is the speed at which a CD spins in the drive, the faster the computer can spin a CD, the faster it can obtain data and feed it to your computer. However, at speeds higher than 56x you risk shattering a CD. So you won't find any CD reader faster than a 56x, 52 and 54x are the most common and newest drives you can find today.

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Q: What is a 52X CD Drive?
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What is the 52X in CD?

your better off getting the 52x cd's. These numbers are how fast the disc can be written onto, so the more the number, the faster the disc records onto.

How the CD drive speed start to be a safety problem?

52x is the max for a CD drive due to the fact that after you hit the 52x speed the disk itself starts to flex and wiggle and can snap easily and break the CD drive and a small possibility of there being "shrapnel" from the drive.

What is the meaning of X in 52x CD ROM drive?

52X has nothing to do with the rotational speed of the platter. The 52X speed rating indicates the refers to the fact that the drive can read data off of the disk at 52 times the speed of an original CD-ROM drive. Original CD-ROM drives read disk data at 150 kilobytes per second, so a 52X drive reads at 52 x 150KB/s.

What is the data transfer rate of a CD drive running at 52x speed?

7800 kB/s

How do you fix a CD ROM that will write to a CD-R but won't read any kind of Cd?

I would just replace the drive. Inside your drive there are two lasers. A write laser and a read laser. Your read laser has probably burned out so getting a whole new drive should do the trick. You can get a standard 52x/52x (read/write) CD-ROM/R/RW for about $35.

What is the fastest CD-R/DVD-R combo drive available?

The fast est drives burn cds at 52x and the fastest DVD burners do 24x.There are dozens of 24x burners and all burn cds at 52x.

Will 52X CD-r media work in 8X duplicators?


What discs are best to burn music 40X or 52X CD?

It will depend on the drive you are using to burn the disc. A "faster" disc will only be as fast as the drive can burn the files and even then it will fluctuate so it really is not that important.

What is the fastest speed for a CD in a computer?

The highest I've seen was a 52x.

Difference between 40x and 52x CD-r?

The short answer is that 48X and 52X, in terms of media, are really the same thing. The maximum speed of Recordable CDs, according to the Orange Book specifications, is 48X. The recorder manufacturers are the ones that started marketing their recorders at 52X, this pushed media manufacturers to then market their media as 52X certified. The reality is you cannot achieve 52X record speeds. The maximum burn speed that we've seen is 47.2X with a full CD. The write speed starts off around 16X to 20X and climbs to about 47X for a full 700Mb CD, and then drops a little during the finalization of the disc. That's why review sites, like CDFreaks, talk about how long it takes to burn a full disc at 40X or 48X speeds. The combination of the media quality and burn speed influence the overall time to complete the burn. It would be great to have a burner recorder at 48X speed for any size CD because then we could easily figure out the time it will take. Unfortunately, that is not the case, the amount of information on the disc coupled with recorder and media brand contribute to the overall burn time. And, now, most folks are purchasing combo DVD/CD recorders and these recorders are only certified to burn CDs at 48X or slower. The dedicated CD-R only recorders are going away - everybody is now using these combo DVD/CD recorders so this whole 52X vs. 48X is becoming less important.

Which CD and DVD drives operate at the quickest speeds?

The fasted CD speed available is 52x, while DVD's spin at 16x.

What is meaning of x in CD and DVD speed?

in CD it is 150kbit/second for example 52X meaning 52multiplied by 150kbit/second in DVD it is 11.o4megabit/second