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Yes. John Rutledge and Elizabeth Grimke Rutledge, of Charleston, SC, had ten children.

  1. Martha (1764 - 1806)
  2. Sarah (1765 - 1770)
  3. John (1766 - 1819)
  4. Edward (1767 - 1811)
  5. Frederick (1768 - 1821)
  6. Charles (1773 - 1821)
  7. Thomas (1774 - ? died in infancy)
  8. William (1775 - 1822)
  9. Elizabeth (1776 - 1842)
  10. States Whitcomb (1783 - 1829)

The genealogical records for some of the children are inconsistent. Date of death for Sarah and dates of birth and death for William are most in doubt; date of death for Thomas is not recorded, indicating he probably did not survive infancy. Martha's date of death is listed as 1816 by some sources; however, this appears to be the result of an error in a single record.

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yes, 2 sons (one died when rutledge was captured) and 1 daughter.

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Q: Did Edward Rutledge have children
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