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The flags, created to fly on the first naval forces under control of General Washington said "Appeal to Heaven." They were essentially saying that in order to beat the overwhelming force of the British empire, the Americans would to ask for divine intervention.

That is mostly true, but either statement was seen on flags during the Revolution. However, the statement "Appeal to God" had a more deeper meaning than simply asking for divine intervention. Just as in the current American justice system of appeals, each appeal is to a higher court than the previous one. Injustice by the British could only be "appealed" to God as the court system in place was run by the British (an unjust system). If man's laws cause injustice, then the only "appeal" can be made to a higher power than man. Therefore, an "appeal to God or Heaven" was more of a derivation of their own divine right to independence than praying for intervention. This notion of the colonists divine right to freedom is what gave the saying its strength and conviction.

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Q: Does the liberty tree flag say an appeal to heaven or an appeal to god?
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Like other secret clubs at the time, the Sons of Liberty had many rituals. They had secret code words, medals, and symbols. Originally formed in response to the Stamp Act, their activities were far more than ceremonial. It was the Sons of Liberty who ransacked houses of British officials. Threats and intimidation were their weapons against tax collectors, causing many to flee town. Images of unpopular figures might be hanged and burned in effigy on the town's LIBERTY TREE. Offenders might be covered in warm tar and blanketed in a coat of feathers.

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