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Thomas Pain's pamphlet, "Common Sense" made a big impact on the citizens of the colonies. This was because he wrote it in plain English, so it was easily understandable. Common Sense was written by him to convince people that breaking away from the rule of England was a good thing.

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it helped people realize that the british are taking advantage of them

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Q: How did the pamphlet common sense cause in revolutionary war?
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The pamphlet Common Sense by Thomas Paine aided the American cause in the Revolutionary War because it?

persuaded individuals who were undecided to support independence

Who were some of the revolutionary war leaders that commented on the pamphlet common sense?


What was the name of the pamphlet created by Thomas Paine that further advanced the cause for independence?

Thomas Paine's famous pamphlet was called "Common Sense".

What pamphlet convinced colonists they needed to fight in the revolutionary war?

Thomas Paine's Common Sense

What were the comments from revolutionary leaders to Thomas Paine's Common Sense pamphlet?

This was John Adams comment;

What was the pamphlet published by Thomas Paine called?

Common Sense

Who wrote common sense and what is common sense?

Thomas Paine is the author of the pamphlet called "Common Sense".The pamphlet "Common Sense" argued that citizens should be able to make decisions about their own governments.Does that help? hope it does.Thomas Paine writes a pamphlet called "Common Sense" Published Jan. 1776.Changed populations view of the King and England. It was 'common sense' that we start our own country.

Who wrote the pamphlet called Common Sense?

Thomas Paine authored Common Sense which helped add fuel for the Revolutionary WarThomas Paine

What was the name of the pamphlet that influenced many colonists to support independence from Britain?

Tomas Paines Pamphlet "Common Sense"Common Sense by Thomas PaineCommon Sense was the name of the Pamphlet.

Who wrote Common Sense and what did it say?

the person who wrote the common sense was thomas Paine

Who wrote the pamphlet '' common sense ''?

Thomas Paine wrote the Common Sense pamphlet. The Pamphlet encouraged Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence.

What main idea behind the pamphlet common sense that influenc ed many colonist?

The main idea of the pamphlet Common Sense was to gain support for the Patriot cause by showing the Colonists that it was pointless to remain loyal to the British Crown.