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Containment does not necessarily mean disarticulating or stopping terrorist threats. The United States had to be proactive in its efforts against the war on terror. Thus, the war on terror ensued to present day.

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Q: How did the policy of containment was transferred to one of a war on terrorism?
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What policy toward communism did diplomat george f Keenan recommend?

He recommended "Containment", which remained the official US policy until after the Vietnam war. Its end was also influenced by the fact that it then also transpired that the 'Domino theory" of the USA was incorrect, which held that if one nation fell to Communism, all its neighbors were bound to follow. They didn't. The Containment policy held that Communism should remain contained within the areas where it was dominant around 1949; and that any effort of Communist countries or forces to expand beyond those areas should be forcibly repulsed by the USA. This policy led to US involvement in Cuba (the Bay of Pigs-disaster and the missile crisis), in the Korean war and in the Vietnam war.

What factors affect government policy?

The Constotution should be the government's policy but Pres.Obama ( or should I even call him president) is the one of the factors that effects the policy of the government.

A proposition of calls for one action or another or argues against one action or another?


Which was a great influence on Eisenhowers foreign policy?

One of the largest influences on President Eisenhower's foreign policy was his military experience. He used this experience to become more involved with foreign policy than any president before him.

Write a paragraph explaining how the policy cycle operates?

First an agenda has to be set up. Problems are chosen to be viewed and solved. Then a policy is formed to solve each problem. Some times more then one policy is proposed for a problem. Next the best policy is chosen and adopted. Then the policy is put into affect and enforced. This can sometimes take years. Lastly after a period of time the policy is evaluated to see if it works the way it was supposed to.

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What is one purpose of foreign policy?

To set a precedent for future actions: We don't negotiate with terrorism.

What is the containment policy?

the United states would try to stop democratic nations from becoming communist (APEX)

What was George Kennan's proposed policy toward the soviet union?

That policy is called the 'containment policy'. It led to the US involvement in the Korean and Vietnam wars, among others.

How did the threat of atomic warfare affect Truman's policy of containment?

Had to learn to fight a war with one's hands tied; had to fight without using all of one's weapons (no nukes).

Do the democrats support the war on terrorism?

Of course they do. No one wants terrorism.

What is the UK policy for helping underdeveloped countries to counter terrorism?

Only the UK government can really tell you what the current policy on counter-terrorism is. There is a saying 'one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter'. There is also a saying 'Those who do not learn the mistakes from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history" Both of these saying seem to mean that people will only tern to 'terrorism' if all else fails

How did President Truman approach the cold war?

He was anticommunist so he wanted to stop it from spreading. He decided that under the 'Truman Doctrine' the US would help any nation that was in danger of falling to communism. This was his policy of containment, his foreign policy.

What does 'containment' mean in terms of the Cold War?

containment is the term used to refer to the US policy stating that any attempt to spread communism would be seen as a threat to the democratic nations of the world. this allowed the US to fight back at the communists to contain their ideas to one place.

1 How has American foreign policy been shaped by the activities of Al-Qaeda?

US foreign policy has been geared to defeating terrorism from radical Islamic terror groups. Drones have been used to kill Al-Qaeda leaders. One act of anti-terrorism was the killing of Osama Bin Laden at his enclave in Pakistan.

What were some examples of containment during world war 2?

The three major global incidents showing the seriousness of how America was taking the policy of containment are the Berlin Airlift, the Korean War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. America's involvement in each of these incidents are examples of the policy of containment.

What is an example of Naval implementation of the US Containment Policy?

In 1946, the deployment if the USS Missouri to the Mediterranean was one of the Containment PolicyÃ?s moves to show dominance over Communist nations. The US Navy stood guard on all water borders of Communist nations to help create a wall of protection.

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