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Members of the 3rd estate were inspired by the American Revolution. They began questioning long standing notions about the structure of society. They demanded equality, liberty, and democracy.

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Q: How did the three estates contribute in the revolutionary mood in France?
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How did the three estates contributed to the revolutionary mood in France?

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How did the three estates contribute to the revolutionary mood in France?

The American Revolution had happened not too long ago and the French soldiers were returning from the war. It can be said that the Glorious Revolution in England also played a factor.

What was France old form of government with three estates called?

i think it was the old regime

What were the social divisions in France before the revolution?

French Society was in pre-revolutionary France was divided into three political classes or Estates. The First Estate was the Catholic clergy, the second estate was the nobility, and the Third Estate was everyone else.

How was the social security structure under France's ancien regime?

France was divided into one of three social classes or estates

What was France's voting system like before the revolution?

It was three Estates, each with a single vote.

How did the unfair tax system cons tribute to France's financial problems?

there were three estates in france and the poorest ones were taxed the most

What were the three groups of people who made up the Estates General or France's first parliament?

The French Estates General was made up of three main groups. This first Parliament consisted of the First Estates of clergy, the Second Estate of nobility, and the Third Estate of commoners.

Did the french revolution get rid of the three estates?

i think The third estate is the common people, the largest group of people in France, difficult to get rid of them. On June 17, 1789, the Third Estate began the French Revolution. The formation of the National Constituent Assembly marked the end of the Estates-General, but not of the three estates.

Who was the representative from the three estates?

Estates General

What are three key ideas to include in the summary of the meeting of the estates general?

What are the three key ideas in the meeting of the estates general?" what was the problem in the estates. what was the problem in the estates.

Any one revolutionary figures associated with french revolution?

three estates louis 14 and 16 maximillien rebespierne napoleon bonnaparte