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Q: How does the outcomes of politics of social division depends on how people perceive their identities?
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What is politics as power and distribution of resources?

In the school context politics is veiwed as power and distribution by using equality of outcomes which resources is distribute by the power of politics

What has the author Anandhi S written?

Anandhi S. has written: 'Contending identities' -- subject(s): Dalits, Ethnic relations, Politics and government, Slums, Social conditions

What has been a serious cause of division among the nations of Eastern Europe?

ethnicity politics religion

What describes the pluralist theory of American politics?

Moderation and compromise are natural outcomes of pluralistic politics, Policy is the product of competition and conflict among competing groups, and All interests should be free to compete for influence within government only.

Do you agree that politics can be studied through the prism of everyday life?

Yes, studying politics through the lens of everyday life allows us to understand how political systems impact individuals and communities on a day-to-day basis. Observing how people interact with politics in their daily routines provides insight into power dynamics, social issues, and policy outcomes.

How does social division affect politics?

some political divisions are linguistic some are on bases of religion and many more this creates a racial discrimination and division of the society in short the integrity will not be maintained and there will be a lack of communal harmony.

Karl marx predicted the laissez-faire capitalism would result in?

The destruction of precapitalist forms of social relations, The undermining and/or transformation of national boundaries, cultures, identities, and politics, The inevitable globalization of capitalism to all the world.

What statements best describes a shortcoming of the constructivist view of international relations?

A shortcoming of the constructivist view of international relations is its potential to overlook the role of material factors, such as economics, military power, and geography, in shaping international outcomes. Additionally, constructivism's emphasis on ideas, norms, and identities may not fully account for systemic constraints or patterns in international relations. Lastly, constructivism's focus on social construction and agency may lead to overlooking the role of power dynamics and interests in shaping world politics.

How did politics contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire?

All politics, a human practice, divides peoples, and division leads to: argument; envy; strife; war; It is against spiritual law! Today we are watching division, weaken the stability of the United States; as it did to the Roman Empire, some 1250+ Gregorian years ago. Those whom do not learn from history; are destined to have it repeat on them!

What is the origin of the word poitics?

According to Wiktionary (a division of The Wikimedia Foundation) the word "politics", comes from the Ancient Greek word of, "politic" by analogy of the Ancient Greek goddess of Aristotle, and the meaning of the origin of the word, "politics" means, "affairs of state"

What is the statement politics is the art of the possible?

This phrase suggests that in politics, decisions and actions are often influenced by what is achievable or realistic, rather than idealistic or moral considerations. It emphasizes the pragmatic nature of political decision-making, where compromises and strategic moves are made to achieve outcomes within the constraints of the existing circumstances.

What has the author Alexander S Belenky written?

Alexander S. Belenky has written: 'Extreme Outcomes of Us Presidential Elections' 'How America chooses its presidents' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Presidents, Election