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Former presidents who are still alive are Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. They do NOT continue to earn the same full salary they made in office.

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Q: How many presidents are still living that you are paying full salary for?
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Why does the us government give so much money to the ex-presidents that are still living?

The pension for an ex-president amounts to less than 1/10 of cent per year per person- not really so much compared to other government expenses. In order to run for President, a person has to campaign for many months and often has to leave a high-paying job and all that without any guarantee of being elected. Then if elected, the presidential salary is low for what is expected. Can you imagine Derek Jeter or Taylor Swift working for $400,000 a year ? The offer of financial security seems reasonable to me.

Do second term presidents still get inaugurated?

American presidents who are re-elected are required to repeat the oath of office.

Is Jimmy Reed children still living Are they blues singers?

no they are not blues singers yes 6 still living

Which presidents are pictured on our money?

Cent: 16th president Abraham Lincoln (on coin since 1909) Nickel: 3rd president Thomas Jefferson (on coin since 1938) Dime: 32nd president Franklin Roosevelt (on coin since 1946) Quarter dollar: 1st president George Washington (on coin since 1932) Half dollar: 35th president John Kennedy (on coin since 1964) The dollar coin is a little more complicated. In 2007, there were 4 designs, depicting the first four U.S. presidents. In 2008, presidents 5-8 were depicted. In 2009, presidents 9-12 were depicted. This will series will continue until at least 2016, depicting four presidents per year. The tricky thing about this series is that no living persons can be on U.S. coinage... so Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama etc. will not be depicted if they are still living at the time they would come up in the sequence.

The cause of death for one president is still a mystery?

As of 2014, the cause of Warren Harding's death is still an unknown mystery. His wife refused an autopsy on the presidents body and people assume she had something to do with the death.

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Do presidents still receive a salary after their term is over?

Yes, there is a pension paid to ex-presidents.

Are you still paying full salary for president Jimmy Carter?


Presidents who are still living?

goerge bush and obama

Are presidents still living in the White House?

Yes- that is where they live.

Which two presidents are still living?

As of 2021, the two living presidents of the United States are Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

what 5 presidents are still living today and when did they serve?

Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama.

How many past presidents are we still providing protection for their families?

According to the Former Presidents Act, protection is provided to the spouses of past presidents for their lifetime. Currently, this includes the living spouses of living former presidents.

Who are the Formers presidents who are still living?

In 2012, the living former U.S. Presidents are Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush (both born in 1924), Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (both born in 1946).

Who are five presidents that are still living?

Jimmy CarterGeorge W. BushBill ClintonGeorge H. W. BushBarack Obama

United States Presidents that are not buried on American soil?

All are buried in the US except those who are still living.

What presidents are still living?

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George Herbert Walker Bush

How many presidents and vice presidents are living?

there are 5 living US vice presidents: * Walter Mondale (still living) * George Bush (still living)* * Dan Quayle (still living) * Al Gore (still living) * Dick Cheney (still living)