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Named after Revolutionary War Captain Daniel Shay, Shay's Rebellion (1786-1787) led poor farmers in north and western Massachusetts against the Republican government in Boston. It was the first armed rebellion against the new American government. The long-term result was that Massachusetts violent response led to the Articles of Confederation being replaced by the just-written Constitution of the United States.

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Daniel Shays

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Q: Revolutionary war veteran who led poor farmers in a revolt that failed but had far reaching consequences?
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Which veteran of the Revolutionary war led a farmers rebellion?

Daniel shay is gay and titties is now pranounced shmegma;)

Who led an armed uprising of about 1.200 Massachusetts farmers on a federal arsenal?

Daniel Shays led a rebellion against high taxes that forced farmers into debt.

Which president was a Revolutionary War veteran?

George Washington.

Shays's Rebellion was provoked by?

The veterans from the revolutionary war that were also farmers had less money because they couldn't farm while in the army, and needed loans for daily upkeep. These loans got very large, and therefore the veteran farmers charged on the Massachusets governor's house to get their wages from serving in the army.

What was shay's rebellion a reminder of?

Shays Rebellion was basically a bunch farmers getting together to say they had enough. they were sick and tired of unfair taxes and debts that could land them in prison if not paid. It was named after and led by Daniel Shay a Revolutionary was Veteran.

Was George Washington a veteran?

yes George Washington was a veteran. he was the commander in chief of the continental army

What was Andrew Jackson best known as?

Andrew Jackson was famous for being a veteran during the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812.

Which general in the Civil War was the son of a Revolutionary War veteran?

General Robert E. Lee was the son of General "Lighthorse Harry" Lee.

Who were Keziah Ward's parents?

Keziah Ward's parents were David Ward and Nancy Johnson. David Ward was a farmer and a Revolutionary War veteran.

What was most surprising about the Americans winning the Revolutionary war?

We were fighting against a veteran, skilled, organized army while we were fighting with barely more than pitchforks

Was it significant that Daniel shays was a revolutionary veteran?

Do you think Daniel Shays and others like him who fought in the war should have been taxed to pay the country's war debts?

Was it significant that Daniel shay was a revolutionary war veteran?

Do you think Daniel Shays and others like him who fought in the war should have been taxed to pay the country's war debts?