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The number of the bill has the initials HR (House Resolution), indicating that it originated in the House of Representatives.

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The answer is A :)

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Q: Suppose bill HR612 is currently in Congress what is one thing you can tell about this bill?
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What did the Confederation Congress do to strengthen the United States?

One thing the Confederation Congress did to strengthen the U.S. was pass the Land Ordinance of 1785. The Congress of the Confederation was created in 1781.

Why do you think the british at first approved of setting up of a national political organisation but later disapproved?

The first thing was that british wanted there to be a representation of demands of indian people so they formed congress but later due to their excessive demands and, Lord dufferin claimed that it represented just a microscopic minority of what people actually wanted, so british started ignoring congress

Why did congress create commites?

A large number of bills come before congress. Congress must divide up the work of examining various issues. It is like saying, "you specialize in foreign policy." "You specialize in forests." "You specialize in banks." We see basically the same thing in our lives. We go to one store that specializes in selling gasoline. We can go to an other store that specializes in hot pizza. One man specializes in treating sick people. There are too many different things for people to do. Congress has too many things to do.

Which statement best describes the significance of the first continental congress-?

The First Contitential Congress had absolutely no political power. It did not have the ability to do anything. It was extremely important. It showed that the 13 colonies could cooperate for their mutual benefit. Previously each one had done its own thing. The dream of cooperating had become a reality. Even though the congress had no legal authority it gave the states the ability to speak with one voice. While England refused to listen to the petitions presented by that congress, the various state legislatures listened to the decrees of their national government.

How many senators and representatives does it take to pass a bill in the United States Congress?

People have been saying 2/3 vote, but that's not the answer to the question. honestly, I don't know! I've been trying to figure out the same thing!

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