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judical branch

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A taxest

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Q: The branch of the government that deals with the court system is called the?
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The court system is given the job of interpreting laws and is most associated with what branch of government?


The supreme court is part of which branch of government?

The Supreme Court of Illinois is part of the Judicial Branch of the Illinois State government.

What is most closely related to the judicial branch of government?

The Supreme Court is most closely related to the judicial branch of government.

Is Judicial a branch of government?

The Judicial branch is one of the three main branches of government. These are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. Each branch has particular duties and the Judicial branch is our federal constitutional court system.While there are many different courts in the federal court system, only those Congress established under their authority in Article III of the US Constitution are included in the Judicial Branch.US District CourtsUS Court of International TradeUS Court of Appeals Circuit CourtsSupreme Court of the United StatesMost of the other federal courts, such as US Tax Court, US Bankruptcy Court, and the US Court of Claims, were established under Congress' authority in Article I, and are part of the Legislative Branch of government, despite also being part of the federal court system.

What part of the government interprets the laws?

The Judicial Branch, or the federal court system, interprets the law. The US Supreme Court, head of the Judicial Branch, is the ultimate authority on the interpretation of federal law and the constitutionality of any law.

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What branch of government is responsible for court system?

judicial branch

What branch of the government is responsible for the court system?

Executive Branch

What part of government is the court system?

Within the U.S. government, the judicial branch contains the court system.

What branch of the US Government is directly involved in the Court System?

The Judicial branch

The branch of the government that makes up your court system?

The Judicial.

What branch of US government involves the court system?


Are Law enforcement agencies are employed by the court system?

(in the US) Law enforcement agencies are not even a part of the court system. Law enforcement agencies are part of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the government. The court system is part of the JUDICIAL BRANCH of government.

Which branch of federal government applies and interprets laws?

The Judicial Branch. The Supreme Court of the United States has the final authority over the interpretation of federal law.

What government branch is the US District Court in?

United States District Courts are trial courts in the federal court system, and part of the Judicial branch of government.

What branch of government addresses the duties of the federal court system?


What branch of government is the mayor?

A mayor would be the head of the Executive branch of a municipal government, with the City Council being the Legislative Branch, and the court system the Judicial Branch.

Which branch grants a reprieve?

The judicial branch of government is the branch of government that grants reprieve or pardons. Reprieves are usually granted at the federal level of the court system.