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The Electoral College itself does not encourage any particular style of campaigning.

What matters is that the individual STATES typically allot electoral votes on a "winner take all" basis. (Some, such as Maine, allot electoral votes on a congressional district-by-district basis.)

So, since California was clearly going to go to the Democrats and Texas to the Republicans, neither presidential candidate campaigned there. Both candidates focused their attentions on the "battleground" states that could have voted either way.

If California were to allot electoral votes on a district-by-district basis, then instead of Obama getting all of California's electoral votes, Obama would have gotten about 60% of them, and McCain would have received the rest. (In California, the big cities vote overwhelmingly Democrat, while the central valley and mountain districts are strongly Republican.)

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Q: The electoral college encourages candidates to campaign only in what states?
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Where the party candidates campaign to win in the electoral college?

U.S. Presidential candidates campaign to the American people, then the electoral college is appointed based on the popular vote in each state.

When has the electoral college not sustained the will of the voters?

In 1962, when there was a presidential campaign between two candidates who tied. ♥

When has the electoral college not sustained the will of voters?

In 1962, when there was a presidential campaign between two candidates who tied. ♥

How does Electoral College choose presidential candidates positions on issues as opposed to a straight popular vote?

The Electoral College does not directly choose the positions of presidential candidates on issues. Instead, candidates usually develop their positions based on their party's platform, personal beliefs, and feedback from constituents during the campaign. This process is similar whether the president is elected through the Electoral College or a popular vote.

What did the 1st 3 presidents do to get in office?

They were elected by the electoral college. The electoral college is still in place today although it is not used. The candidates would write to influential businessmen and try to get their support. It was considered ungentlemanly to campaign like the candidates do nowadays. The person who came in first was president and the person who came in second was vice- president.

What are some problem with the electoral college?

Some argue that one problem with the electoral college is that it creates an unbalanced distribution of campaign resources. If a state doesn't have very many electoral votes, presidential candidates are less likely to focus on it. Another problem is unequal voting power, depending on where in the country someone lives.

From 1800 to 1824 presidential candidates were chosen by?

in the earl 18000s, candidates for the presidency were chosen by

Must candidates for political office in the US today pledge to reform the Electoral College?


A presidential election is won by candidates who?

A presidential election is won by the candidate who receives a majority of the electoral votes in the U.S. Electoral College.

Which candidates were tied after the first Electoral College vote in the election of 1800?

Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr ended up tied for first with 73 electoral votes each, but it was not the first electoral college vote.

Which political institution chooses the president if there is not a clear majority among th candidates?

electoral college

According to the rules of the Electoral College Marcus will win the election. What adjustment to the Electoral College would change this outcome?

all states splitting their electoral votes between the candidates based on what percentage of the popular vote they won. (apex)