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Virginia now became west Virginia and Virginia

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Q: The western countries of Virginia that refused to secede from the union became which state?
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Were there places in the south which refused to secede?

The western part of Virginia, which broke away and became the State of West Virginia. Some of the slaveholding "border states" stayed with the Union, and kept their slaves until the war was over.

Did West Virginia secede in the civil war?

West Virginia was formed from fifty counties in Virginia that refused to secede from the United States. Virginia seceded, but West Virginia became a new state and joined the Union.

What state was stonewall Jackson was represented?

Jackson was born and raised in Virginia, in a part of the state that became West Virginia in 1863, when the western part of Virginia seceded from Virginia to become West Virginia.

Was West Virginia a state before the Civil War?

Before it became a state during the Civil War, West Virginia was made up of the western 49 counties of Virginia, which seceded from Virginia (and the Confederacy) in 1862.

What state was formed when the eastern and western disagreed?

West Virginia was once part of Virginia. When Virginia declared secession from the United States to become part of the Confederacy, the counties in northwestern Virginia voted to secede from Virginia and remain loyal to the United States. That area of Virginia became West Virginia. West Virginia became the 35th U.S. state on June 20, 1863.

What state became the western state in the distribution of slave vs free states during the civil war?

West Virginia

Why is Virginia name is Virginia?

Because it formed part of Virginia, but disapproved of that state's decision to break away from the USA in 1861. So it broke away from Virginia, and became West Virginia - It is called WEST Virginia because it once was WESTERN Virginia as any quick glance at a map can tell you.

Was West Virginia part of a territory?

West Virginia was, of course, part of the Virginia territory. When the territory became a state, West Virginia was still a part of the state of Virginia. West Virginia became its own state on June 20, 1863.

Where is West Virginia located?

No it is in Appalachia. It is only called "West" because it was originally the western part (more precisely the north western part) of the state of Virginia. It first became a state during the Civil War, because it refused to secede from the Union when the rest of Virginia did.

How was West Virginia devloped?

Western Virginia was very different from Virginia they were against slavery ,on October 16, john brown led araid at Harper ferry and some followers captured the united states arsenal, Harper ferry is were they make guns an stored them .Brown planned on giving these guns to the slaves in Virginia and Maryland so the slaves will have freedom. so Virginia had no slaves and Virginia was mad and Virginia and Western was spited up and it became west Virginia and was 35th state.:)

What is the date that Virginia became a state?

Virginia became a state on 25 June 1788.

Which part of Virginia sided with the union and became its own in 1863?

The Western counties, up in the mountains, where there had never been much slavery. They had always felt different from the coastal communities, and formed their own state of West Virginia.