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Q: This country has had a socialist form of government since a military coup in 1962?
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What type of government does Sudan have?

Sudan has an authoritarian government in which all effective political power is in the hands of President Omar al-Bashir. Bashir and his party have controlled the government since he led the military coup on 30 June 1989. Sudan has recently emerged as the world's most unstable country according to the Failed States Index, mainly due to the Military Government and Darfur Conflict

Is Boeing a government corporation?

Since it makes military systems, it is a government contractor.

What is the former name of the country know since 1989 as mamyonr?

In 1989, the country once known as Burma had its name changed by its military government. The country is now known as Myanmar, which is short for Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Is Boeing corporation a government contractor?

Yes, Boeing Corporation is a significant government contractor. It is one of the largest aerospace and defense companies globally, supplying military aircraft, satellites, and defense systems to the U.S. government. Boeing has extensive contracts with the Department of Defense, NASA, and other federal agencies. These contracts include projects for advanced military technology, space exploration, and national security. Boeing's role as a government contractor is a crucial part of its business, contributing substantially to its revenue and positioning it as a key player in the defense and aerospace industries.

What is Vietnam classified as today?

Vietnam is referred to as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Vietnam is still considered a Socialist country, but since the war, they've adopted many Capitalistic practices.

Does Niger have a democracy government?

Yes...since we are not operating under military rule

Has obama done well?

Absolutely NOT. He has caused more damage than any previous president on record. You CANNOT simply print more money when this government is in bancruptcy. Since WHEN does the government have the power to fire the CEO of a corporation as was the head of GM?? Since WHEN does the government have the right to own corporations in the private sector? Since WHEN is it OKAY to apologize to the Muslim world for the actions of this once great nation?? Since WHEN is it okay to elect a man with multiple foreign claims of citizenship to the office of president of the United States??? Has this country gone MAD? He is systematically turning this nation into a government run socialist country. GET OUT of my life!!! I don't need government run health care and I don't need to worry about my grandchildren living in a country that is owned by China!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amen to that ^ I'm right there with you!!

Is the government of present-day Vietnam Communist?

Yes, the government of present-day Vietnam is communist. The Communist Party of Vietnam has been in power since the country's reunification in 1975. It follows a socialist-oriented market economy model, combining elements of socialism with a market-driven approach to development.

What is sudan's government type?

The Sudan's government is a Democratic government. There is some speculation about whether or not it in fact a Democracy since the county is run tightly by the military.

Which country received the most radiation from Chernoybl?

The Soviet Union, since this is where the Chernobyl disaster occurred. Specifically, it occurred in the Soviet Socialist state of Ukraine.

Who is responsible for the US debt?

The U.S. government since the country was founded.

How long has Vietnam been a coummunist country?

Since '75.Answer:North Vietnam (the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV)) ( was a communist state that ruled the northern half of Vietnam from 1954 until 1976. On 2 July 1976, North and South were merged to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.