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Yes, because he introduced them to modern era thinking and practices. These new ways were crucial for Europe to thrive.

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Q: Was Europe before Charlemagne really in a 'Dark Age'?
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Who was Charlemagne?

Actually Charlemagne was a very powerful frankish King. Charlemagne added to his land and gained more and more power. He helped bring Europe out of the Dark Ages. By the time of his death, Charlemagne ruled most of Western Europe.

How did Charlemagne help Europe get out of the dark ages?

he started to make schools for the children so he helped with the education

What happen to Charlemagne's empire when he died?

became the dark ages

Why was Charlemagne called the meteor in the dark midnight?

because he is like the meteor that comes out of no where in the dark of night and overcomes wars

Who was the most powerful to the dark ages king?

CORRECT ANSWER: ---> "Charlemagne." (For sure for fact.)

Who was the most powerful to the dark age kings?

CORRECT ANSWER: ---> "Charlemagne." (For sure for fact.)

Why was Charlemagne important?

If he wouldn't of have been there people would still be in the dark ages.

What was Charlemagne's significance?

Head of the Holy Roman EmpireRoman Catholic AnswerIt would be difficult to overemphasis the importance of Charlemagne in the history of Europe, and the history of western Christendom. He was the protector of Rome, the unifer of Europe, and the Father of Western Christendom. He promoted education of the clergy, reformed the monasteries, overhauled the legal system for Europe, united all of Europe, and was crowned Holy Rome Emperor by Pope Leo on Christmas Day in the year 800 A.D. You might say that he ended the "Dark Ages". For a fuller discussion see "The Coronation of Charlemagne" in Diane Moczar's book Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know, below:

What was charlemagne's most lasting contribution to the church?

Charlemagne's most lasting contribution to the church was ending the Dark Ages and ushering in a new era of education, culture, and art.

What did Europe trade in the 1400s?

Europe really did not trading in Medieval times, at least in the West. This is because this was the time of the Dark Ages, when Europe was cut off from the rest of the world after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Who was the only ruler to sustain power during the dark ages?

Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor

What time was Charlemagne one of the great kings?

The Clovis Period. It could alse be described as the Dark Ages.