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Yes he was a anti-federalist

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Q: Was josiah bartlett an anti- federalist?
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Was josiah bartlett a federalist?

Yes, Josiah Barlett was a federalist. Bartlett was a doctor in addition to being a statesman. He was one of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence.

When was Josiah Bartlett born?

Josiah Bartlett was born on November 21, 1729.

What is Josiah Bartlett's birthday?

Josiah Bartlett was born on November 21, 1729.

When did Josiah Bartlett Jr. die?

Josiah Bartlett Jr. died in 1838.

When was Josiah Bartlett Jr. born?

Josiah Bartlett Jr. was born in 1768.

When was Josiah Bartlett House created?

Josiah Bartlett House was created in 1774.

How old was Josiah Bartlett at death?

Josiah Bartlett died on May 19, 1795 at the age of 65.

What were Josiah Bartlett's hobbies that he liked to do?

what was josiah bartletts hobbies

How old is Josiah Bartlett?

Josiah Bartlett was born on November 21, 1729 and died on May 19, 1795. Josiah Bartlett would have been 65 years old at the time of death or 285 years old today.

What has the author Josiah Bartlett written?

Josiah Bartlett has written: 'Speech of the Hon. Josiah Bartlett, representative in Congress, at the Republican convention at Kingston Plains, September 10, 1812' -- subject(s): History, United States War of 1812

When did Josiah Bartlett die?

Ellis Ashmead Bartlett died on May 4, 1931, in Lisbon, Portugal.

What colony was Josiah Bartlett from?

New Hampshire