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Yes it influenced by Iraq entering Kuwait.

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Q: Was operation desert storm influenced by anything happening?
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When did Operation Desert Thrust happen?

Operation Desert Thrust happened in 2007.

What did Operation Desert Shield become on January 16 1991?

It became Operation Desert Storm.

When did Operation Desert Thunder happen?

Operation Desert Thunder happened on 1998-11-11.

Was not an attack on American interest by al-Qaeda?

Operation desert storm :: apex

When did Operation Desert Storm take place?

Desert Storm commenced in January 1991 and ended the next month, in Febuary 1991.

Who was in the operation desert storm?

USA and Iraq

When did desert storm 2 occur?

Operation Desert Storm Jan 15-Feb 26, 1991. Operation Iraqi Freedom started in 2003.

What was the name of the 1998 air strike on Iraq?

Operation Desert Fox / Desert Thunder

Why did the US participate in operation desert storm?

Desert Storm-Eject Iraq from the nation of Kuwait Iraqi Freedom-Remove Saddam from power

When did Operation Desert Shield - Iraq - happen?

Desert Shield was designed as an operation to protect Saudi Arabia from a possible Iraqi incursion, either by air or by land in late 1990 and early 1991. As Saudi Arabia supported Kuwaiti independence and was hosting UN Coalition troops, there was the strong possibility that Iraq's superior military could overwhelm Saudi defenses.

Ano ang operation desert shield?


What year did operation desert thunder start?