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Q: Was the Mayflower Compact the Pilgrims' attempt at self-government?
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Was the Mayflower Compact was the Pilgrims' attempt at self-government?


Was the Mayflower Compact the pilgrims attempt at self-government?


The Mayflower Compact was the Pilgrims' attempt at self-government?


The first attempt by the Pilgrims at self-government is found in the?

Mayflower Compact

Where was the first British attempt at self-government in North America?

mayflower compact

Where was the first british attempt at self-government in the north America?

mayflower compact

Where was the first attempt by the pilgrims at self-government found in?

plymouth rock ,fool.

How many people died in the first winter in Jamestown?

There were 102 colonists and 52 died the first winter. In an attempt to conceal their growing weakness the Pilgrims tried to bury them secretly in unmarked graves. Their burial place was not discovered until their bones were revealed after a torrential rainstorm one hundred years later. Captain Christopher Jones had intended to start back to England in the Mayflower as soon as the Pilgrims found a settling place, but his crew was also ravaged by disease. Perhaps half of the Mayflower's crew died as well before Jones started the return voyage in the spring of 1621. Jones himself died within about another two years, perhaps worn out by the privations and exertions of that hard winter at Plymouth colony.

Among the many reasons for European settlement was religious freedom. The Pilgrims came to settle in America in an attempt to?

Create a new church based on the church of england

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