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Independents are moderates when it comes to gun control. Most are pro gun, but believe in harsh restrictions/stipulations against certain elements such as criminals; felons; legally insane; and those with active protective orders against them. For law abiding citizens, Independents believe citizens should undergo background checks and should complete firearm safety courses/classes. Independents sit in between Democrats & Republicans. Democrats are usually against gun ownership (not all) and Republicans usually are pro gun and believe anybody and everybody should be able to own a gun (not all) while the Independents, as stated before, are moderates.

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Q: What are independent party views on gun control?
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What are the democratic views of gun control?

Most democrats support legislation that will encourage more responsible storage and use of firearms. Also they would like to prevent high risk people (such as people with criminal records), from having access to them.

Does the Green Party believe in gun control?


What political party Angelina Jolie belongs to?

Angelina Jolie, is an independent. She is by no means your run of the mill democratic movie star. She has views on gun control and capital punishment to meet most republicans, she also is for most human rights that you'll find democratic gawking at. She is most like a libertarian.

Which party supports the gay rights and gun control?

The Democratic Party.

What party supports gun control?

Generally speaking, the Democratic Party believes in significant restrictions on the right to bear arms ("strict" gun control), while the Republican party believes only in restrictions on criminal ownership of guns ("lax" gun control). Note that both of the above are generalizations of the national Party platforms - local party platforms and the beliefs of individual politician members of both parties can differ widely from the national party platforms.

Does the gun control group favor one political party over the other?


What is the position of the Republican Party on gun control?

Nominally, Republican party does not support gun control legislation, except measures which restrict criminal use of firearms. However, in reality it varies with the individual and the circumstances. Some notable Republican figures have supported gun control measures when it was politically convenient. For instance, President Reagan signed the 1986 FOPA into law, which had the effect of closing the machine gun registry.

Why is the Democratic Party against the Second Amendment?

The Democratic Party is not against the Second Amendment, it is merely for gun control. The idea of gun control is that you shouldn't be allowed to own an AK, because the only reason to own an AK is to kill other people. Republicans usually charge that because Democrats are pro-gun control, that they are anti-second amendment, but those are two different things.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party disagree on social issues like gun control and immigration. They also disagree on issues like how much money should be spent on welfare programs. Which of?

strict gun control laws, more money allocated for welfare programs, and more lenient laws on immigration

Niccolo Machiavelli believes what about gun control?

Niccolo Machiavelli, a 16th-century political philosopher, did not specifically address the issue of gun control. His works primarily focus on governance, power dynamics, and the qualities of effective leadership. While his writings may provide insight into political strategy and authority, his views on modern-day policies like gun control would be speculative.

A gun control debate when you are pro?

If you are "pro" in the gun control debate, you are for less gun control. In other words, you are "pro-gun".

What is the gun control amendment?

There is no "gun control" amendment.