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The power of the Arizona Legislative Branch is similar to all legislative branches. Since the state Constitution was adopted, the Arizona Legislature makes laws for the state. In passing laws, the legislature also provides protection, services, and aid to the state.

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Q: What are the powers of the Arizona legislative branch?
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What powers does the legislative and judicial branch share?

They do no share powers. The legislative branch creates laws. The judicial branch decides the constitutionality of the laws created by the legislative branch.

What are the powers of the Arizona executive branch?

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What are the powers and functions of the legislative branch?

the powers of the legislative branch is to make laws, to approve decisions of the executive Branch,to decide how much money the government can spend.

Special powers of the legislative branch?

The legislative branch can control foreign affairs like war.

What are Legislative branch defensive powers?

Branches have no "defensive " powers.

What are the economic powers granted to the legislative branch?

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What are the different powers in separation of powers?

excutive,judical,and legislative branch

How many senators are there in Arizona's legislative branch?

There are 30 Arizona State Senators.

Where in the constitution does it state what powers do the judicial branch hold over the legislative branch?

Article 3 describes the powers of the judicial branch.

What are some powers of the legislative branch?

Yhey cauhi

What powers was th legislative branch given?


This article of the Constitution gives the legislature its powers?

Article 1 of the constitution defines the legislative branch.