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India and Pakistan

There are 3 Pakistan, India and China

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PCH ANSWER:India and Pakistan.

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Q: What are the two countries that claim Kashmir?
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Which two countries are over kashmir?

India and Pakistan

What two countries are fighting for possession of kashmir?

India and Pakistan

The two countries involved in the kashmir conflict?

Three countries.....India , China and Pakistan

Is azad kashmir and gilgit baltistan are part of Pakistan?

azda kashmir, Gilgit baltistan,leh,kargil,jammu,kashmir,asakchin are intrigal part of jammu & kashmir .jammu and kashmir is not a part of india or pakistan. we are imperialist by these two countries.shame these countries.these countries tells the world jammu and kashmir is our intrigal part.if it is part of these countries so why UNO is sitting here. you know the truth but you denies this truth. jammu and kashmir is a country.these two countries not denies this.time is yours one day time is ours.

Why might the same Kashmir region in south central Asia be shown three different ways on three countries' maps?

China, Pakistan, and India all claim parts of Kashmir as their own.

Why did kashmir not include in Pakistan?

Kashmir is disputed territory. Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir to be theirs. Up to now, there has been no feasible solution to sort out whose Kashmir is.

Which country does not border kashmir and claim it as territory?

not india

What is in the middle of a nuclear arms race over Kashmir?

Kashmir is disputed territory, both India and Pakistan claim it.

You won a speech on kashmir issue?

Many people claim that the Kashmir dispute is the unfinished agenda of the partition plan. By this they imply that the solution of the Kashmir dispute should be looked in the light of two nations theory under which India was partitioned; or in the light of the UN Resolutions which deny the Kashmir people the right to determine their own future.

Which two countries have had a longstanding conflict over the region of Kashmir?

India and Pakistan have had a longstanding conflict over the region of Kashmir, with both countries claiming it as part of their territory and engaging in multiple wars and conflicts over the region.

What is the major issue between India and Pakistan?

Kashmir is the basic issue between the two countries. Because of this issue both countries have fought many wars.

What country is kasmir in?

well Pakistan and India both claim to own it but it really belong to Pakistan because its their property of land and its been apart of the country till the Kashmir war happened it was caused because India wanted it so Pakistan own it. i asked my mum she was born in Kashmir