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The requirements to become President is:

-Natural born U.S. Citizen

-Be at least 35 years old

-Live in the U.S. for at least 14 years.

The Vice President is elected by the President not by the people so it's whoever the President wants to be his V.P.

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Q: What are three requirements that the president and the vice president must meet in order to be elected?
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Can the president may be re-elected three times?

The President may only be re-elected one time, to serve two consecutive terms. ------------ Well, technically, a person may serve as many as 10 years as President. This can be accomplished if the vice president must finish the term of another president and the time remaining is equal to but less than 2 more years. At that point the sitting president can be elected two more times. Could you claim they were re-elected twice? That's up to the observer.

What are the three requirements to be president?

1) he should be the Indians. 2) his age should be more than 30. 3) his birth should be in India.

What Three steps Nixon took to change the size and power of the federal government?

Nixon was elected president and he had to follow the boundaries within the constitution. He did not have a coup to become president as your question assumes.

Who was the only three term president?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to four terms and served three and a fraction terms before dying in office.

What are the main requirements for membership in the three branches of the federal government?

This is rather an odd question. One does not have a "membership" in any branch of the federal government. If you wish to be the President, or a Senator, or a member of the House of Representatives, for instance, you must qualify for the office, and then campaign for election. Most people who hold positions in the federal government are elected to the office. Supreme Court Judges are appointed by the President as the positions come available, then approved by the Senate. After the President is elected, he then appoints the people he wants to be members of his cabinet--Secretary of State, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of the Treasury, etc. I don't know what else you may have intended by this question. Perhaps someone else knows something additional to help you out. There are additional requirements: American citizenship ( in the case of President, "natural-born" citizenship )and each person, before taking office, must take an oath of office usually stipulating to "protect, defend, and support the Constitution of the United States". Whether one likes the term or not, this is a loyalty oath. There are, as well, certain minimum age requirements for being a Representative, for being a Senator and for being President ( and Vice President ).

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Who was elected president of the Indian National Congress three times?

Dadabhai was the thrice elected president of Indian national congress

What are three things you have to do in order to be president of the us?

1. Be born in the US. 2. Reach the age of 35 (or more). 3. Be elected.

What are the three qualifications for president or the vice president and how many terms can they serve?

they can be elected.

How many American military generals were elected to president?


What are the three things you need to run for president?

What are the three main requirements to be able to run for president of the United States?

Who was president three times?

no one have yet grover Cleveland was elected president twice in 1884 and 1893

What was Barack Obama elected as?

President Obama was first elected as a state senator in Illinois in 1996. After serving three terms, he was elected as a U.S. senator in 2004. He then ran for president in 2008 and won, and ran again in 2012 and was re-elected.

What president was elected to presidency with forty three percent of the popular vote?


Who was the oldest person elected US President before Ronald Reagan?

The oldest man to be elected as U.S. President was Ronald Reagan who was elected at the age of 69. He turned 70 three months later. If John McCain is elected President then he will be the oldest at 73.

When was a president term limit put into place?

Soon after FDR was elected three times, surpassing the tradition of only two times elected.

What president served more terms than any other president?

Franklin Roosevelt was elected to four terms and completed three.

Who was President three centuries ago?

Well, there was no president 3 centuries ago. It did not start until George Washington was elected in 1789.