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As a result of the Spanish-American War, the US took sovereignty over the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam. In addition, the US oversaw Cuba's transition to independence.

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Q: What countries did the us own after the spanish American war?
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What was the causes of the American war?

The cause of the Spanish-American war was because the Americans wanted to conquer the countries that the Spanish had colonized.

Was Spain one of the countries not a scene of battle during the Spanish American War?

Yes. Neither Spain nor the US had any fighting in their own countries.

What spanish speaking countries have had wars with the US?

Mexico: Mexican-American War in 1846-1848 Spain: Spanish-American War in 1898 Philippines: Philippine-American War in 1899-1902* Spanish is now a minority language in the Philippines but used to be official.

What countries did the Spanish get in the Spanish American War?

None, they lost their New World Empire.

What countries were involved during the Spanish American war?

Spain and the US.

In the Spanish American War what countries fought in these wars?

Spain and the US.

What two countries was the Spanish American War fought?


What countries did the US lose as a result of the Spanish American War?


What were the two countries fighting in the Spanish American War?

Spain and the US.

Following the spanish american war nations in the Caribbean and central america?

Became their own countries. Many of them started their own governments once they became free from the Spanish rule.

What countries were a scene in the Spanish American War?

Battles were conducted in all of the Spanish New World Colonies.

The Spanish American War took place in what three countries?

Puerto Rico was a Spanish American War battlefield. Cuba was a Spanish American War battlefield. Guam was a bloodless Spanish American War battlefield. The Philippines was a Spanish American War battlefield that became a long and bloody Philippine American War battlefield.